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I am no priest,'' said Cedric, turning with disgust from this miserable picture of guilt, wretchedness, and despair; ``I am no priest, though I wear a priest's garment.
hast thou borne up and endured to live through so much guilt and so much misery, and wilt thou now yield to despair when thine eyes are opened to thy crimes, and when repentance were thy fitter occupation?
You say, he is keeping from you information which may fasten the guilt on some other person.
I beg permission to have a few witnesses examined concerning my character, and if their testimony shall not overweigh my supposed guilt, I must be condemned, although I would pledge my salvation on my innocence.
The person to whom I addressed myself added that Justine had already confessed her guilt.
I am not one of your enemies, I believed you guiltless, notwithstanding every evidence, until I heard that you had yourself declared your guilt.
And in the Tower, in a dreary room whose thick stone walls shut out the hum of life, and made a stillness which the records left by former prisoners with those silent witnesses seemed to deepen and intensify; remorseful for every act that had been done by every man among the cruel crowd; feeling for the time their guilt his own, and their lives put in peril by himself; and finding, amidst such reflections, little comfort in fanaticism, or in his fancied call; sat the unhappy author of all--Lord George Gordon.
The top barriers for moms and dads were lack of time and guilt.
A lot more guilt would be of considerable help in this regard, especially in light of what former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder rightly termed "the greatest crime in the history of mankind.
A key characteristic of OCD is believing that negative thoughts will become a reality, leading to a spiralling build-up of anxiety and guilt.
They said that guilt is important because it plays a role in regulating our moral behaviour and can help people correct their mistakes and prevent future wrongdoing.
Psychologists fascinated by guilt have tried to identify its function in our lives.
Guilt is an emotion characterized by feelings of regret, tension, and remorse over one's behavior (Beck, 1976; Klass, 1987; Kugler & Jones, 1992; Tilghman-Osborne, Cole, Felton, & Ciesla, 2008).
Guilt is a topic of interest for those exploring the interface between psychology and religion in psychotherapy.
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