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Synonyms for guillotine

closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill

instrument of execution that consists of a weighted blade between two vertical poles

kill by cutting the head off with a guillotine

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Only a few papers exist in the literature that demonstrate the modelling of the guillotining process using FEM.
Guillotining is a basic operation in the technological process of fabricating sheet metal parts.
The quality of the part after guillotining depends on many process parameters, such as the clearance between the knives in the horizontal direction, lubrication method, shearing velocity, knife geometry and method of clamping the sheet metal plates [1-3].
In the next section, this model is used for the variational formulation of a nonlinear equation of motion for the guillotining operation.
In this paper, the guillotining process is considered an initial and boundary value problem with geometrical, physical and thermal nonlinearity and with only partial knowledge of the boundary conditions.
Death by guillotining was eventually outlawed in France in the 1970s, where almost the last to perform the service was - ironically - Andre Obrecht, a one-time assistant to Desfourneaux.
Guillotining continued behind closed doors, however, and he worked for the Vichy Government executing members of the French Resistance.