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Synonyms for guillotine

closure imposed on the debate of specific sections of a bill

instrument of execution that consists of a weighted blade between two vertical poles

kill by cutting the head off with a guillotine

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Mr Morgan, of Mississipi, said: "People are still a bit sceptical, but that should change once I have the guillotine built.
Tender notice number : Guillotine Shearing Machine ID:2016_MSRTC_114538_1
Noel Moroney delivered a presentation on facts associated with West Yorkshire including the Halifax Gibbet, a guillotine used for public executions in the town until the 17th century.
The administration promised him 150 Goldmarks for each execution, and announced: "From April 1, 1924, Reichhart takes over the execution of all death sentences coming in the Free State of Bavaria to the execution by beheading with the guillotine.
The 19-year-old took the Cambodian to the ground early but had to wiggle out of a guillotine choke late in the first round.
Technical features of the GS guillotine Include a warp-resistant welded frame construction, which allows stability during operation and Is said to provide excellent cutting results along with usability.
Managing director Kieran Ferguson said: "We have had the concrete floor prepared ready for the installation of the machines that will guillotine products to size and will re-wind from reels of board up to four tonnes, to smaller reels, palletising and shrink wrapping our products to be delivered in to customers on pallets.
THIS model of a guillotine made from meat bones by an 18th Century Napoleonic French prisoner was saved from the chop.
Loosely inspired by Ho Meng-hua's schlocky 1975 actioner "The Flying Guillotine," the pic was initially conceived by Chart's We Pictures as a regular 2D project, with Teddy Chen ("Bodyguards and Assassins") set to direct.
The guillotine CAD fired off, shooting the guillotine blade into the guillotine body.
The proposed measures of the fourth stage of the Regulatory Guillotine refer to small and medium businesses and will be carried out by a number of state authorities, such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the cadastre agency, etc, said Ivo Ivanovski, Minister of Information Society and Administration.
A WOMAN has suffered serious injuries in a freak guillotine accident at a Midland public school.