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Were these ideas available to the guildsmen lawmakers in thirteenth-century Italian towns ?
They were traditionally staged on Corpus Christi Day and Chester's series date back to the 1300s when they were performed by Chester guildsmen.
By the Renaissance, secular corporations expanded, with merchant guildsmen in Italy using such business devices as compound interest, double-entry bookkeeping, and even expense accounts.
A Guild of Handicraft Trust was set up in 1909 as a looser association for the 12 remaining guildsmen.
When the aristocracy tried to rig Dublin City Council elections in the 1750s to put in their own candidates Kearney was prominent among the guildsmen in opposing them.
The book's chronological limits and topical coverage mirror the state of the primary sources ("abundant between 1580 and 1640"), including the archives of the municipal governing body, the Consell de Cent--where Barcelona's guildsmen enjoyed representation alongside the city's oligarchs--as well as records of the principality's Generalitat, and of the royal administration and courts (xiii).
We cannot, of course, know for sure why medieval guildsmen, queens, and housewives were devoted to such a difficult and exotic figure as Katherine, but this book can at least ensure that out guesses will be as well informed as possible.