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the hall of a guild or corporation

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But the change of plan will cost taxpayers pounds 1million for extra security on the big day because the Guildhall is in the town centre.
He arrived at the city's Guildhall this morning shortly before the 9.
It is an honor for us to pay tribute to their talent with a $10,000 gift in the name of the winning designer, meant to support the education of future developers at The Guildhall at SMU.
Hull city council are seeking suppliers that can provide a full bid management consultancy service around the guildhall greenwich time ball and to carry out detailed discussions with the council, activity & interpretation consultants, principal designer and historic clock consultant to ensure the highest conservation standards are adhered to.
The kind of religious wall painting on the Guildhall wall was outlawed in the new faith.
The larger-than-life prince died in an air crash just a few years after opening the Guildhall.
Jennifer Stewart, head of the HLF in Wales, said: "It's great to see how initial project plans have developed and we look forward to seeing the difference that the restored guildhall will make to the community.
The plans to move the nesting birds from the Grade I listed Guildhall have emerged as the latest twist in the ongoing kittiwake saga.
Arisa studied with David Takeno at the Guildhall School of Music, London where she now teaches Honoka started to study the cello under Una O''Sullivan and Joan Lavelle in Ireland, then continued her studies in Tel Aviv, Israel, before coming to the UK to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
James Stevenson, 29, of Dyfatty, Swansea, remains on the run after escaping from the city's Guildhall building on Friday.
An exhibition involving 50 students from Northumbria University staged at the Guildhall examines design concepts for phase two of the building and will also include ideas on how to make a visit to the city enjoyable.
Meanwhile in Derry, Benito Markodurkan narrowly escaped being strung up from a lamp post in the Bogside while shock troops of Marshall McLouglinski attempted to erect a tricolour on the roof of the smoking ruins of the Guildhall.
Charles and his bride have decided that their civil wedding ceremony in Windsor's Guildhall should be private - without TV or other media coverage.
DALLAS -- Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) is working with The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University in its newly formed Innovation Laboratory to find ways in which Microsoft XNA tools and technology can help to drive improvements in general computing and game development academic programs as well to research innovative new approaches to game design, development and education for students and established game developers alike.
The Gothic nuptials at St Mary's Guildhall have been hailed as "better than we could have ever imagined" by newlyweds Peter Phillips, 47, and Tracy Dale, 45.