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Synonyms for guilder

the basic unit of money in Suriname

formerly the basic unit of money in the Netherlands

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A certificate of debt, found in a regional archive, attests that Mittenwalde lent Berlin 400 guilders on May 28 1562, to be repaid with six percent interest per year.
This ad hoc solution had the unintended effect of creating a separate unit of account for bank funds, the bank guilder, distinct from the current (non-bank) guilder (Quinn and Roberds 2007).
Only then might the guilder re-emerge - but amid the ashes of the EU, there would seem even less prospect of an increase in Dutch spending power.
The government thinks it is the right time to join the Caribbean by changing over from the Surinamese guilder to the Surinamese dollar," President Ronald Venetiaan said.
Kinross trainer Lucinda Russell was full of praise for Richard Johnson after he had got Hailstorm up on the run-in to pip Guilder in the handicap chase.
His wife Henritta, however, obviously knows the value of a guilder - she hasn't splashed out on expensive three-course meals provided by posh caterers.
Inflation is likely to remain subdued owing to wage moderation, the strength of the guilder and tax relief for business, which will reduce labour costs.
They receive approximately 150 guilders per patient per year (each guilder represents about 60 U.
The current-account surplus has remained large and the guilder has been strong in exchange markets.
Kristin Armstrong of Team Lipton continued her show of overwhelming strength, finishing the women's circuit in second place with teammate Laura Van Guilder in 4:29:06, with the pair more than 3 minutes ahead of the strung out field at the finish.
Van Guilder is probably best known for her work with harder-sounding bands such as Second Grave and Obsidian Halo.
Mia William, and Poppy Guilder were both taken to the ICC in pink limousines while Charles Pitchford and Rafe Walker were treated to trips in other flash cars.
Recalculated from the now-defunct guilder to euros, the Dutch want pounds 4.
Poppy Guilder, who is 18 months old, has endured two major operations in the past five months after doctors at Birmingham Children's Hospital found she had a brain tumour.
Muldova, McCoy's mount in the handicap chase, was well backed to make a winning reappearance, but he was around four lengths down and held when falling at the second-last, leaving Guilder well clear.