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a celebrity who is an inspiration to others

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In addition to The Young and the Restless, CBS' daytime lineup includes soap operas As the World Turns, The Bold and Beautiful, Guiding Light, and game show The Price is Bight.
In the 1540s a new guiding light for the order had emerged: the "Divine Mother" Paola Antonia Negri, who interwove the spiritual power stemming from ecstatic visions with more dangerous claims to authority over Barnabite priests.
As Mazzotta points out, these contributions reflect Freccero's critical interests, his scholarship, and his guiding light.
He has also been the guiding light behind two world champions.
Susan Weber Soros, who founded the Bard Graduate Center in 1993 for the study of the cultural relationships between the decorative arts and society, was herself the scholar and guiding light behind this exhibition that revealed Godwin's multi-faceted professional life.
Just peace, simple pleasures, sunshine, love and one guiding light.
Electrical engineers have discovered that by steaming gallium arsenide chips they can oxidize the surface of this semiconductor and create microscopic patterns useful for guiding light, and possibly electrons, in lasers and other electronic and optical devices.
After its guiding light, Nancy Joyce, a former elementary-school teacher, revealed her dreams on the Conference's last morning, they were further highlighted by a tree-planting ceremony on the Arch grounds.
Steve Jobs was an extraordinary visionary, our very dear friend and the guiding light of the Pixar family.
It's all about the Euro Pound cross as our guiding light for today's trading.
Awards presented were, The Guiding Light Award to Francis R.
The researchers have developed a space-mapping technique that delivers greater precision and efficiency guiding light along pathways that previously were too complex to sustain - from 90-degree angles to the rugged coastal profile of Maine.
The Secretary of State was on board the University's research and teaching vessel Guiding Light, which took him on a voyage from Cardiff Bay to view one of the proposed lines for the Severn Barrage.
ANITA RODDICK was a guiding light in business and beauty.
Chris Gardner, the recipient of the the Guiding Light Award, was honored for being a single working father dedicated to raising his son even in the hardest times.