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Synonyms for guiding

exerting control or influence

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showing the way by conducting or leading

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After 13 to 16 months, the dogs go back to San Rafael, where they get training in guiding.
They were certainly not the reasons we brought forth, namely, the right of parents to determine the type of instruction given to their children, whether that instruction is within the school system or through extra-curricular activities such as Guiding.
Launched in 1960, Tele 7 Jours has over 40 years of experience in guiding viewers to the best programming available on TV.
Request guiding fees, inclusions, exclusions and deposits; most fly-fishing packages are by day rate and a reservation deposit of one day's fee is requested.
North America's 20,120-foot high point, assaulted every spring by more than 1,000 climbers, represents the apogee of guiding.