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a word printed at the top of the page of a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first or last item on that page

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Determination guideword the HAZOP method is based on the data processing are taken every hour for 1 month was conducted in March 2013 (31 days).
Each instrument is analyzed and displayed in a chart measurements are then used to determine guideword of each transmitter as shown in Figure 3.
LBA40CP903 of the control chart can be seen that the pressure transmitter guideword LBA40CP903 is high which indicates that the deviation is at high pressure.
Part 2 tackles Tyard's Erreurs amoureuses through a close examination of the twin guidewords erreur and fureur and on their multiple meanings.
Dictionary usage involves multiple skills such as using guidewords, decoding, discerning the correct definition, and so forth.
Similarly, McCreary and Dolezal (1999) report their subjects' difficulties in following the guidewords in alphabetical order (put down to the Asian background of many of the subjects) and unwillingness to follow the cross-references, perceived by many students as "too much work, too time-consuming, and .
The appearance, at intervals, of a little black cat in various poses (meant to recall Johnson's cat, Hodge) was a little too twee for me, as was the vaguely Celtic type of the guidewords.