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a hollow metal conductor that provides a path to guide microwaves

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Guided Wave NDE equipment commonly used for inspection and monitoring pipelines and tubular structures.
Potential and limitation of a deconvolution approach for guided wave structural health monitoring.
Overfill Capable Probes -- Magnetrol offers the only guided wave radar transmitter on the market with a complete line of overfill capable probes.
Process elements and guided wave assess for atmospheric corrosion.
Removal of guided waves from seismic data in laterally varying media: Wave Motion, 173-189.
Designed with a Victrex PEEK polymer seal component, a Guided Wave Radar (GWR) probe from Magnetrol international provides reliable level measurement in saturated steam environments.
Dunedin, FL 3/13/00-Ocean Optics, a manufacturer of miniature fiber optic spectrometers and accessories, announced that it has acquired Guided Wave Process Analytical Systems Group of UOP, an on-line visible and near-infrared spectrophotometric process systems manufacturer.
Associated with the guided wave is an exponentially decaying electric field.
The fiber-optic probes installed in the flow cell are connected via fiber-optic cables to a Guided Wave Model 260 (7) spectrophotometer, which uses a tungsten halogen lamp, a lead sulfide detector, and a holographic diffraction grating.
Guided Wave Non-Destructive Testing Inspection of Mains Pipelines--New guided wave technology for use in difficult-to-inspect pipelines is being tested by three collaborating companies: National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, and T.
Magnetrol International has launched the Eclipse Model 706 guided wave radar (GWR) transmitter, a best-in-class level control solution that advances guided wave radar technology with improved performance for a wide range of level and interface control applications.
In the second half of 2013, AIS top management plans to introduce advanced technologies by acquiring high-tech equipment such as the Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), MFL and the Guided Wave.
The HM]2 has two RS-485 networks, with a capacity of 16 sensors each, to support up to 32 SiloPatrol SMO SE "smart" plumb bob level sensors and/or Flexar guided wave radar level sensors.
The basic idea of the technique is that the presence of the defect in the wall of the pipe causes the scattering of the guided wave.
Emerson Process Management has announced the availability of its Rosemount 5300 Guided Wave Radar (GWR) level transmitters for SIL 2 safety instrumented systems.