guided missile cruiser

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a cruiser that carries guided missiles

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guided missile cruiser Cowpens also left Yokosuka, becoming the first U.
The battle group includes the guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea, along with four guided-missile destroyers and the attack submarine USS Providence.
The USS Arkansas is a nuclear-powered, guided missile cruiser with a complement of [is greater than] 500 men.
The warships, the guided missile cruiser Shenzhen and the supply ship Nancang, left the southern Chinese port Zhanjiang on July 5, stopping in Malaysia on July 11-14, Xinhua News Agency reported.
He commanded the guided missile destroyer USS SAMPSON and the Aegis guided missile cruiser USS COWPENS.
The Russian Navy's guided missile cruiser Varyag will be in Manila for a four-day port visit starting Thursday.
Stennis , three destroyers and a guided missile cruiser are conducting "routine" operations, including more than 200 flights, in the eastern part of the sea, drawing a protest from a Chinese government spokesman.
The ashes of the 'reluctant' icon of the 1960s Space Race were transported on the guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea.
Accompanied by his two sons Ryder and Hunter, the chef received a tour of the guided missile cruiser, visited with the crew and Culinary Specialists.
Jack enlisted in the Unites States Navy in his senior year at Holden High School and served in the Asiatic Pacific Theatre aboard the USS Antietam, a guided missile cruiser, as a torpedoman's mate.
The guided missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf intercepted and apprehended nine suspected pirates today in the Gulf of Aden," the U.
It was a real pleasure to see - I still get choked up - all the flags, the yellow ribbons, all the children like you,'' Sforzini, 24, a petty officer second class and fire controlman on a guided missile cruiser, told cheering youngsters at Lincoln Elementary School.
The guided missile cruiser USS Chancellorsville pulled into the bustling Chinese port Qingdao on Wednesday, sending a strong signal that relations between Beijing and Washington have returned to some state of normalcy after the May, 1999 NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.
guided missile cruiser anchored off Nagoya port Monday for a five-day port call the U.
Among his posts were tours on both a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser the USS Long Beach-CGN-9 and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson-CVN 70.
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