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At the same time, its case studies, diverse and compassionately told, explore the place belief has in planning for life's end: a family decides whether their grandfather should be buried in the Orthodox Jewish fashion, and through guided imagery a dying ex-priest discusses his doubts with his hometown minister.
Guided imagery is a recommended self-help technique used to reduce perceived stress, which is known to cause fatigue.
basic preparations and practices for working with children; types of guided imagery; using guided imagery in therapy; scrips and practices.
Effects of guided imagery on postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing same-day surgical procedures: A randomized, single-blind study.
Guided imagery has been indicated in the literature as an innovative and positive intervention for pain management among adults experiencing chronic back pain (Achenbach, 2000; Lewandowski, 2004; Lewandowski, Jacobson, Palmieri, Alexander & Zeller, 2011).
Here's an excerpt from one of Naparstek's guided imagery scripts.
A review of 9 RCTs of guided imagery for decreasing musculoskeletal pain involving 201 patients found 8 studies reported positive results, though the methodological quality of the studies was low.
Possible additional alternative labels are deep relaxation, controlled relaxation, visual imagery, guided imagery, guided fantasy, guided meditation, or mental imagery.
Rosemarie Eisenberg CHT has moved her office for hypnosis and guided imagery to the Eighth and Olive Building at 115 W.
This volume contains games, activities, and guided imagery exercises for helping professionals to use with children and adolescents with specific needs related to medical issues, traumatic issues such as sexual abuse, grief and bereavement, physical disabilities, and behavioral problems, as well as those in multicultural settings.
Psychiatrists and mental health professionals who treat pregnant women with anxiety issues would do best using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and relaxation techniques coupled with guided imagery thus avoiding medications.
This case report covers the history, treatment plan, administration and outcome of hypnotherapy and psychological interventions (self-hypnosis, meditation, guided imagery, music therapy, neuro- linguistic-programming, breath-control, thought distraction, unconditional acceptance, Ericksonian metaphors, cognitive challenging of the idealized self-image, assertiveness training, inner-child work, and Gestalt therapy) for a client diagnosed with Candida albicans overgrowth who was not responding to medical treatment.
Utilizing techniques like hypnosis, guided imagery, positive affirmations, and a process McCall calls 'Cellular Level Healing' to work with the subconscious, unconscious, and conscious aspects of each client.
A variety of prayer forms and sources are encouraged: scripture, dreamwork, life experience, journaling, artistic expressions, guided imagery, centering prayer, more.
In the 1970s, with the aim to of helping overcome this excruciating and commonly experienced predicament, a technique named guided imagery gained rapid popularity as a valid intervention for cancer patients.
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