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Synonyms for guidebook

something that offers basic information or instruction

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The guidebooks can be used at any walking pace and vary in lengths from 3-miles to 10-miles.
The guidebook aims to unify procedures and mechanisms applied in dealing with cases of abuse against any of these groups, "whether they are victims, accused or witnesses", by allocating special interrogation rooms and qualified personnel to interview these groups during the evidence collection process in police stations.
Over the next few months, guidebooks will also be distributed for Cycle 2 (Grades 6 to 9) and Cycle 3 (Grades 10 to 12) pupils, the Adec statement said.
Among the revelations: guidebook buyers' choice of foreign destinations and their pursuit of cultural activities as a major part of their vacation plans were key reasons behind the purchase of printed guidebooks.
The guidebook, which features listings and descriptions for hotels, pubs, cafes and nightclubs across Beirut, will significantly affect those businesses listed over the next four years, said travelers and hotel owners.
DAU will continue to enhance the implementation of policy and best practices through a formal lessons-learned capture and online access system; the dynamic links of the DoD 5000 instructions, guidebook, and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS); and the advancement of new performance support tools, intelligent process wizards, and product development tools based on requirements generated by users, communities, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Services, agencies, and DAU leadership.
Fishing is Shaffer's other passion and he's written a series of guidebooks to fishing spots in California, with more on the way, including guides to Northern California fishing and waterfalls.
For guidebook advice, see the New York City section [page 48]--and once again, Betty and Pansy will provide you with their unique take on the city and its attractions in their Severe Queer Review of San Francisco.
Michelin donated the profits from the battlefield guidebooks to France's major pronatalist organization, the Alliance Nationale, at the same time that it provided paternalistic family-oriented policies for its workforce.
This teaching tool is only part of Philips' environmental effort; the company published the first-ever series of Brazilian eco-tourism guidebooks to promote the country's national parks, with information on the biodiversity of each region and travel tips.
It was therefore appropriate that Mick, who is famed for his appearances on Channel 4 's Time Team programme, and is Professor of Landscape Archaeology at Bristol University, formally launched the latest new-look Cadw guidebooks, at Chepstow Castle.
division of SAP AG that handles software design and engineering, and, through the Simplification Group, also produces the SAP Made Easy line of guidebooks that support SAP products.
In terms of organizing the way the city is used, guidebooks can be a tool for urban planning.
The ACA Bookstore carries several kitchen guidebooks.
Preparation is the key to dealing with the majority of today's security problems, and both guidebooks clearly outline the planning process and provide the direction necessary for implementing a workable security and emergency plan for any building.