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Synonyms for guidebook



Synonyms for guidebook

something that offers basic information or instruction

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Currently the author has written walking guidebooks for Santa Fe, NM; Albuquerque, NM; Georgetown, DC; Flagstaff, AZ; Santa Monica, CA; Hannibal, MO; Independence, MO; and Hollywood, CA.
The objective of this research is to update ACRP Report 16: Guidebook for Managing Small Airports.
We developed Guidebook Builder as we discovered people were using Guidebook's event platform in new ways," said Jeff Lewis, Guidebook's Founder and CEO.
The guidebook offers information on establishing, building, and maintaining communicative relationships between tribes and States, establishing effective methods for collecting crash data, creating a data-sharing system, and using the crash data to improve tribal traffic safety.
The guidebook is also designed to prevent discrepancies in the procedures adopted at police stations and reduce the extent of social and psychological effects on victims in need of assistance.
The guidebook includes item-by-item lists of the violations a legal ban on prep schools would constitute.
The guidebook warns travellers to keep their nose-hair neatly trimmed, if they had to pick their teeth, never to use their fingers, and not to occupy public toilets for long periods of time or leave footprints on the toilet seat among other things.
1 of the Guidebook was released in June, with both an interactive website (https://acc.
The guidebook is written in non-technical language and helps consumers understand the fundamentals of Islamic insurance products.
In 2004, the first edition of The Complete HSA Guidebook laid the foundation for HSA education and advanced the movement for consumer-directed health care.
The Saudi Minister of Health said that the Ministry seeks to create an integrated regimen to boost public health awareness, pointing out that the Health Food Guidebook which has been launched recently constitutes a part of this regimen.
Summary: The Executive Committee of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council approved the guidebook for developing and organising graveyards in the emirate at its meeting on Wednesday.
Travel Reports explore the behavior and attitudes of travelers in three unique categories: guidebook buyers, non-guidebook buyers and non-book buyers.
PUBLIC HEALTH workers have a key role to play in addressing climate change and protecting the health of their communities, according to a new guidebook from APHA.
PR News is offering a new volume of its Crisis Management Guidebook to assist in managing incidents along the right-of-way and at other locations.