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a rope used to guide the movement of the load of a crane

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Instead of falling in the direction of the notch and the guide rope, it was falling toward my wife
This is incredible," I thought, as I held my nose to depressurise and followed a guide rope to the ocean floor.
Elsewhere, to keep the more active interested, there was a climbing wall, the Montana Snow centre for keen skiers and snowboarders, and a high-wire adventure, which allows kids of all ages to be attached to a guide rope 30ft up while making their way along a wooden path in the air.
At the end of that guide rope on the arduous trek through new writing development in Wales, Sgript has pretty much kicked the footholes into the rock face of a traditionally insurmountable cliff.
They lost the guide rope somehow and sat together for four hours, just freezing, and it was the boy's idea to get vegetation around them to protect them from the wind.
Lloyd Scott was six days into a 26-mile trek along Loch Ness but lost his guide rope in the blackness and was forced to crawl.
Submersible cable , duck foot bend with auto coupling attachment and 20 mtr of guide rope with 10 mtr of lifting chain, etc, including control lt panel and d/f column pipe, n.
She said: ''They lost the guide rope somehow and sat together for four hours, just freezing.
Clutching the boat's guide rope, I slowly dropped down to the seabed for the first time.
Tenders are invited for Replacement/installation of guide rope in 2 pit m gopalichak colliery 03 nos x 250 mtr
Tenders are invited for Installation Of Shaft Cage Landing And Guide Rope Clamping Platform At Pit No.
Tenders are invited for Supply of guide rope and flexible wire.
Tenders are invited for Installation Of 6 Nos Of 5Inchand 10Inch Guirders At Pit Bottom At 1 Pit Victory Section For The Guide Rope Clamping
Tenders are invited for Procurement of guide rope hoist for p and h shovel