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a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open

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Guide catheters are typically used to access endovascular sites and deliver balloons, stents, guide wires, contrast media, and other devices.
The Guide Catheter is a tube that is thread through the body and allows delivery of medical devices to the heart to treat coronary artery disease.
The RePort[TM] Guide Catheter System provides the neurovascular specialist with a new tool that can navigate deeply into the cerebral vascular anatomy, enabling them to treat more patients than with currently available technologies.
Currently the number one family in Europe and Japan, the entire Z2 family of guide catheters is now available for shipping to interventional cardiologists worldwide.
The Neuropath guide catheter line is designed with a highly flexible and visible tip that allows for ready vascular access, while maintaining good stability.
Coronary guide catheters are used to facilitate delivery of interventional devices such as balloon angioplasty catheters and stents into coronary arteries.
They include the PIVOT(TM) and 1 cm ACE(TM) PTCA balloon catheters, BIOSLIDE(TM) hydrophilic coating, NC COBRA(TM) balloon catheter, MAGNET exchange device, EnTre II(TM) guide wire, 8F TRIGUIDE-PLUS(TM)large lumen and VODA RIGHT(TM) guide catheters and ENCORE ADVANTAGE KIT(TM) inflation device kit.
014-inch guidewire and a 6F guide catheter or sheath configuration.
An outer guide catheter with three-dimensional markers designed to help physicians better visualize the anatomy so lead placement can be more accurate.
During pre-clinical trials, this novel, robotic control system demonstrated that control and placement of cardiac catheters through a steerable guide catheter could be accomplished.
NYSE:MDT) announced the recent introduction of the Medtronic Attain Select(TM) 6238 TEL Guide Catheter Set that aids in the safe and effective implantation of device leads in the veins that serve the left side of the heart for the treatment of heart failure.
The flow control is switched on and extraction utilizing a peristaltic pump extraction system is begun using the guide catheter to remove debris from the vessel.
In the past, operators have had to rely solely on x-ray as well as touch and/or feel to guide catheters through complicated blockages.
Guide Catheters, standard, distal access, intracranial access;