guidance system

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a system of equipment for automatically guiding the path of a vehicle (especially a missile)

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in firm phase: the supply, installation and maintenance of a dynamic guidance system for parking in the building located rue spf finances fragnee 2-4000 liege,
The equipment segments included in this report are air bridges, preconditioned air unit, electrical ground power unit, and stand entry guidance systems.
specializes in development and manufacture of advanced guidance systems for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).
The Shilla growth guidance system uses a non-locking set screw at the proximal and distal portions of the construct's rods.
A differential feature-cost analysis of seventeen computer-assisted career guidance systems (8th ed.
Future developments from DCI will include design and production of a highly-sophisticated but user-friendly guidance system that builds upon and adds to benefits of DCI's antenna arrangement.
CMC is committed to support the new Food Guidance System and help educate Americans about nutritious food.
If consumer nutrition education materials focus on servings, expressed as what is used in nutrition labeling, NFPA believes that nutrition and food information tools such as the food guidance system and the Nutrition Facts panel can best be used for wise food choices for good health.
AutismPro is a subscriber-based online program that acts as a dynamic guidance system, empowering parents to plan and deliver individualized educational intervention for children with autism.
The firm will also introduce V-Guide, a new valve guidance system, as well as its recently released Accuvalve cylindrical valve-gate system.
The autonomous guidance system can perform all field operations, including row following, end-of-row turning, and equipment controls, without any human assistance.
The increasing complexity in the challenge to find and produce hydrocarbons has brought about the need for a new level of guidance system performance and reliability.
Department of Transportation s Federal Aviation Administration has awarded $116,890 to deploy a Visual Guidance System and upgrade the runway service.
An eight-point guidance system ensures platen parallelism.
For example, Wei-Bin Zhang and his colleagues at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed a guidance system that relies on magnets and magnetic sensors to keep a vehicle straight.
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