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Prior to joining Siguler Guff, he led the European fundraising and client coverage team at The Abraaj Group.
For example, Siguler Guff points to buildings in Atlanta that trade at a nine percent yield versus typical New York buildings trading at a yield of approximately four percent.
The two companies have formed a strategic alliance in January 2009, when Siguler Guff has appointed BNY Mellon to distribute its products and services worldwide.
Siguler Guff selected Kennedy Wilson as a manager due to the company's vast sourcing network, strong pipeline of deals and significant relationships with financial institutions through its auction and property management divisions.
Leveraging Jay's unique background and expertise, Siguler Guff is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory as a leading opportunistic private equity investment firm.
BNY Mellon Asset Management has announced that it has acquired a 20% minority interest in Siguler Guff & Company LLC, a multi-strategy private equity firm.
I know one thing, when we hear the guff and waffle about why council tax bills will rise next April, we all know the truth - they blew it.
What would give me confidence if I were American would be not an outpouring of patronising guff but the sound of a large number of dismissal notices being typed out in the back office
And don't believe any guff about them keeping a manufacturing base in Britain.
35pm) Paul Weller (never mind the solo guff, bring back The Jam) talks about the album which helped breathe new life into his career
IT ALWAYS amuses me to read the meaningless guff that highly-paid retail chiefs come out with to defend their lousy performance.
Given Barrymore's fragility, it's no wonder that director Marshall had her doubts about casting her in ``Riding in Cars With Boys,'' a story about a strong, unapologetic East Coast woman who takes little guff and no prisoners.
Michael Tabor should be phoning soon to tell me his betting plans and I should be phoning Aidan O'Brien to say, "OK, Aidan, forget all that guff about 'working nicely and couldn't be more pleased with him'.
certain funds managed by Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Private Equity Partners, and certain funds managed by Siguler Guff & Company.
The post on the site started with some guff about family ("we looked to the origin of it all - to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of family") and ended with a pic of Blake holding her bump.