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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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Tax tip of the week: Do not panic if you receive the letter this month and remember, just like racing form, the scientific basis is always better than guestimates for expenses.
The current producers in general are descendants of the producers in past 50 60 years; thus, the information provided is reliable, but may be guestimates by the producers in some instances.
Plan tomorrow, today and create guestimates for time needed to complete each activity.
Modest guestimates put the number of devoted UK fans at over 5,000, and even if Insurrection isn't up to scratch, they will still be queuing at the cinema on January 1.
TABLE 1 Artificial Canadians in 1991 and 1996, guestimates for 2026 1991 1996 2026 1.
Such guestimates as can be made, which are inevitably hazardous, suggest that, as a result of rapid increases in the economic (and other links) between Western and Eastern European countries, the potential and actual rate of growth of European economies is likely to surpass that of the U.
Official data may leave much to be desired but anthropological guestimates must not be any better.
Rough guestimates suggest that for a small terraced house, it could cost between pounds 15,000 and pounds 40,000, depending on whether it's an existing cellar or a retrofit basement dug out from scratch.
There has not been a representative study of this kind before but the best guestimates suggested around one per cent of adults had a problem and it appears to be slightly lower than that,' he said.
Such guestimates about the productivity of women are promoted by the lack of a reasonable amount of empirical evidence about their contribution to national wealth and also by exaggerated ideas about women's frailty.
The data and analyses put forth will be the result of sound basic primary research, not guestimates which are all too common in the industry today.
The present consultation document is low on financial details with guestimates between pounds 200 m and pounds 500 m and this does not help the CHC to make constructive suggestions.
Similar guestimates can be made for Pakistan, Bangladesh or Thailand.