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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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A "To meet the financial challenges ahead, these are only guestimates - but we have to find about PS34m, although we thought this would be for five years, there are indications now that it may go on even longer.
2] emissions using alternative energies are only guestimates and not backed up by experience.
This column last week raised questions over Coventry Olympics' costs, with information less forthcoming than guestimates of economic benefits (pounds 50million from visitors alone).
Reserves are wild guestimates," said Professor Andre Geim from the University of Manchester in the U.
Himalaya-like guestimates, ranging from $600bn to an Everest $1.
Interpolated resolution is artificially generated; software takes pixels captured by the scanner, expands the grid pattern, and guestimates pixels that lie in between the pixels that were captured by the scanner.
The city's loss, though, will be Knowsley's gain and those guestimates about the financial rewards could well prove to be significantly underestimated.
It is not known how much Jaguar has got for the site, with guestimates around the pounds 45 million mark.
Bob Fennessy, the WOW Hall's publicity coordinator, guestimates that the Reignition series has raised a couple of thousand dollars for the WOW Hall over the past year.
Tax tip of the week: Do not panic if you receive the letter this month and remember, just like racing form, the scientific basis is always better than guestimates for expenses.
The current producers in general are descendants of the producers in past 50 60 years; thus, the information provided is reliable, but may be guestimates by the producers in some instances.
38) Guestimates of UNITA's income from illicit diamond sales in the 1990s are as high as $5 billion.
Variety guestimates that American indies of all stripes jointly rack up $600 million from foreign sales to free and pay TV stations abroad.
Plan tomorrow, today and create guestimates for time needed to complete each activity.