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an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

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Famous in the early years for the inverted syntax that came to be known as Timestyle and for coining words like socialite, guestimate, World War II, male chauvinist and televangelist.
as the people representing the mayor have decided to guestimate, you think any of us are gonna see any of that?
When I stop to add it up, my guestimate would be that since 1977, SIPA has enrolled at least 4,000 new members, probably closer to 5,000.
Below is a description of Guestimate (Swan, 1996), a game played in this research.
Others guestimate their calculation hearsay such as, "I have heard that my budget should be calculated as 10 percent of my bank's total assets .
Historically, attendances were at best an unofficial guestimate and were usually given as a round figure, something that was on occasion greeted with derision by those who were in attendance.
Fortunately, those sick of having to guestimate the next turn can always ignore convention and opt for the new Micro GP mode, which places the camera in a more traditional above-and-behind position.
This is a rough guestimate based on comparing the responses in British Columbia with the responses in Alberta, which in many of the other questions were very similar.
At the risk of hyperbolizing, I would guestimate that about 15% of the people I encountered had a physically or mentally challenged relative or friend that could benefit from the advances that now seem imminent.
The answer is just about 70, a guestimate stemming from a review of countries and multinational corporations according to the size of their annual output.
Pinpoints each person exactly where they are, not a 100-yard guestimate.
The app categorizes more than 3,000 Facebook pages into Liberal and Conservative groupings to guestimate your friends' political affiliations and ranks your friends across the Blue-to-Red political spectrum.
We do not take a guestimate as to how many people might vote," Mr.
I tried to calculate just how far we had travelled on a guestimate of average speed and number of hours spent travelling.
So bad, let's guestimate and say half a dozen college football teams would have routed them Monday night.