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an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

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I would say, it sounds so bad, I would say like maybe eighty percent, this is just me, this is a guestimate, eighty percent of people who come from a lower class, whose parents didn't go to university, might not address learning in general with as quite a passion as those who maybe came from middle-class, or those who had their parents who went to university.
To do this and to guestimate the client's perceived value of the legal service, your firm would need to access third-party data for benchmarking, as well as -- ideally -- the corporation's history of work with other firms.
I got the feeling at the time that the assistant gave a guestimate.
Neither Guild nor any software developers were willing to guestimate how long it might take for Google Maps to release on the App Store, it's most likely that the app would arrive in about three to five months from now, at most.
Paddy Power spokesman Paul Binfield said: "Turnover was definitely down on the previous weekend, we guestimate by 15 per cent, but it's hard to know what impact More4/Channel 4 had on that, as the previous weekend was the high-profile Ebor meeting whereas Saturday's racing was quite low-key.
It is impossible to guestimate how the money made from extra ticket sales and merchandise would compare with his wages.
This exercise can be readily carried out in a 12-month period and must be compared to over 50 years spent trying to develop a global guestimate.
As you read this you will know the result of the General Election, but by my best guestimate it's taken David Cameron the best part of a year to squander a 14-point lead in the polls.
Famous in the early years for the inverted syntax that came to be known as Timestyle and for coining words like socialite, guestimate, World War II, male chauvinist and televangelist.
as the people representing the mayor have decided to guestimate, you think any of us are gonna see any of that?
When I stop to add it up, my guestimate would be that since 1977, SIPA has enrolled at least 4,000 new members, probably closer to 5,000.
Below is a description of Guestimate (Swan, 1996), a game played in this research.
As such, r is difficult to guestimate and would need to be estimated in an exploratory study.
Others guestimate their calculation hearsay such as, "I have heard that my budget should be calculated as 10 percent of my bank's total assets .
Historically, attendances were at best an unofficial guestimate and were usually given as a round figure, something that was on occasion greeted with derision by those who were in attendance.