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a person with temporary permission to work in another country

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But why does Qatar need a Guest Worker Welfare Index?
Satisfied with the cooperative Saudi authorities, Khan said: "I remain very grateful to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for all that he has done to facilitate the expatriate guest workers, especially the Pakistani workers, to document and regularize their status in the Kingdom.
The House Judiciary Committee approved four bills in June 2013, two dealing with the enforcement of immigration laws and two with new guest worker programs.
Thus, guest worker policy is vastly different from broader immigration policy, and the contributions of immigrants are also different from the impact of a large flow of high-skill guest workers targeted to one or several industries, particularly in the absence of compelling evidence of shortages.
In this study, the H-2A guest worker program is examined by taking into account these competing interests.
The fine is the largest ever levied for underpaying guest workers.
Proposals in Congress would make this "H-2A" guest worker program more employer friendly by modifying housing requirements and reducing the special minimum wage known as the Adverse Effect Wage Rate, which would likely increase the number of legal guest workers available.
led the opposition to the guest worker program, arguing that temporary farm workers should have shorter stays working in the United States.
paragraph]) The age of 1 guest worker was not provided by the referring laboratory.
In The Guest Worker Question in Postwar Germany, Rita Chin guides us through fifty years of public debates about labour migration and multiculturalism in the Federal Republic of Germany.
The book is artfully framed by the illustrated portrayal of a peak media event of the initial foreign labor importation program, the arrival of the one-millionth guest worker in September 1964, and its historical commemoration in the Federal Republic's fiftieth-anniversary exhibition in 1999, featuring the motorcycle that had been awarded to that Portuguese worker at his arrival thirty-five years before.
A guest worker scheme no doubt would benefit the individuals lucky enough to be selected to participate in it, but it is not a development solution for the Pacific.
FAIR, which has consistently opposed all efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and expand guest worker programs that undermine American workers, also objected to the inappropriate use of an emergency spending bill to enact major unrelated legislation.
reverts to a guest worker program like that proposed by the Bush administration, it should expect the results that history suggests--worker exploitation, falling wages, deteriorating working conditions, and discrimination.
That latter point is driven home in this month's cover story, "Guests in the Machine," for which Senior Editor Kerry Howley traveled to Singapore to report on migrants toiling in one of the most schizophrenic guest worker programs in the world.