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Located in Shandagha by Dubai Heritage Village and facing Dubai Creek, Barjeel Heritage Guest House will feature the Barjeel Al-Arab restaurant, a traditional Arabic restaurant offering traditional Emirati and Lebanese cuisine.
Rigsby's Guest House in Hertfordshire is no longer open even though it came out on top in Channel 4's B&B contest Four in a Bed and bewitched TripAdvisor reviewers.
The simple yet elegant 24-by-24-foot guest house was designed by Rudolph specifically for the subtropical climate of Dr.
The victim, who hails from West Bengal and worked as a domestic help in Delhi, had come to the guest house in Gurgaon along with her friend to celebrate her birthday late on Thursday night.
NGO worker Abdul Wakil helped Qari Abdullah to plot the attack by preparing a fake USAID ID card for Ghulam Aziz who then visited the Park Palace guest house in Shahr-e-Naw area and prepared a sketch of the guest house for the attack," the statement said.
When officers arrived at the Beech Guest House, on Borough Road, Middlesbrough, they witnessed objects being thrown from a window.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that the IS elements planted a number of improvised explosive devices around the home and the guest house and then detonated them remotely, that caused the collapse of the home and the guest house completely.
The guest house is located in the historical square adjacent to Ahmedia School, which was established in 1912 -- the first regular school in Dubai located in Al Ras area of Deira.
The guest house was among 60 finalists from across the UK and Canada out of more than 2,000 contenders were shortlisted for 15 award categories.
AFTER five years at the helm of Elm Crest guest house in Edgerton, Chas and Sue Henderson are planning to retire and move south to Northamptonshire.
Dubai: A 13-room traditional guest house will come up in Al Shindagha area of Dubai as a special team at Dubai Municipality works on its design.
20 JANUARY 2013: We reveal details of the guest-list at the notorious Elm Guest House in London, where high-profile paedophiles were rumoured to visit.
KABUL (TAP) - A Taliban attack on a guest house in Kabul has come to an end, on Friday, with police killing the last gunman inside, Afghan military sources said.
MANAGERS at a guest house stole PS20,000 of takings and PS14,000 worth of fixtures and fittings - which they used to set up their own B&B.
The two French tourists complained that the guest house owner used criminal force on them two days ago," Wickremasinghe said.