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Synonyms for guest

Synonyms for guest

a person or persons visiting one

Synonyms for guest

a visitor to whom hospitality is extended

United States journalist (born in England) noted for his syndicated homey verse (1881-1959)

a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc

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Some users say the problem occurs only if a Guest account was active under Leopard prior to the snowy upgrade.
An attacker will find out what type of operating system that machine is running, what kind of remote access privileges it is most likely to provide, if the host machine has a guest account enabled, and what the machine's role is, such as a Web server, mail server, etc.
Batch Mode, offering set network access, enables a group of pre-printed guest accounts to be given upon entry into a building and can be processed by employees such as receptionists and security guards.
Unfortunately, using a guest account has the potential to destroy personal data, though Apple has acknowledged that it is aware of the problem and is working on a solution.
Technical highlights of the ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module include Layer 3 roaming, secure guest portal with guest account administration, and integrated RADIUS and DHCP services.
2) Bonus Starpoints earned through this promotion will be limited to 5,000 per credit card account and will be posted to your Starwood Preferred Guest account 8-12 weeks after the end of the promotion.
Through Flight Finder and Room Finder, Cardmembers can also instantly link or establish a frequent flyer or frequent guest account with the selected partner.
The WebLogic solution set in RoboMon can also access and monitor web logs on all servers, check Guest Account activity, and provide performance tuning on excessive memory use, slow servlets, and other excessive events.
Different from other solutions, which write each guest account to every WLAN controller's local database, SmartPass uses a centralized guest account database.
Flight Finder and Room Finder enable Charge Cardmembers enrolled in the Membership Rewards program from American Express to easily search award inventory, transfer points directly into a frequent flyer or frequent guest account, and book flights or hotel stays in a single online transaction.
A@mm will also attempt to create security holes by creating a guest account with administrator privileges and create open shares on the infected system.
Among its suggestions for hotels is to limit guest accounts to non-administrator accounts that do not have the ability to install or uninstall programs.