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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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Oh,between four and five times the original guesstimates.
Amcan had never built an impeller before so its initial design concept for the 380 aluminum diecasting was based on guesstimates.
It has become obvious that the industry must decrease its use of point and unit systems that are simply guesstimates of resource consumption.
which replaces guesstimates with tech-measured data for sports including skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding.
It would cost about $50,000 to put up scaffolding just to get to the piece, and another $40,000 to fix it, determined the engineer, a number that Morrel now guesstimates would be closer to $30,000.
Instant guesstimates were that Nixon might collect millions, though no one stopped to ask how the tapes' worth would be computed, let alone why Nixon should profit from his plot, hatched in the Oval Office on government time, to obstruct justice.
Before, when we took budget requests to the city council," he says, we just had guesstimates.
Take the Hunt brothers of Texas, whose sloppy guesstimates about the rate of inflation cost them $4 billion.
Bear in mind too that the risk to life and limb in motorway travel is a hundred times that of flying, mile for mile, though these guesstimates, not statistics: apples cannot be compared to pears.
While there are no consolidated figures for such a diverse industry, guesstimates of consumer spending on the one hand and supplier sales on the other, suggest a turnover of at least pounds 100m annually in Wales, implying many thousands of full and part-time jobs.
Now they have chucked out this one, re-branded it UEFA and made intelligent guesstimates of stadia and teams.
As explained by one of the authors of the draft legislation, this will not only confirm or deny the present cost guesstimates of the Congressional Budget Office and the General Accounting Office regarding proposed eligibility reform legislation, but would also confirm the strength of the new revenues generated.
Unfortunately, hard data is unavailable, and sound history isn't built on guesstimates.
There is no reason to rely on consultant guesstimates," said Donohue.