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Synonyms for guesstimate

an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing

estimate based on a calculation

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Again, the court held the SEC needed to guesstimate this subset of costs
While the three-year year average for West Central Michigan is 56 million pounds, the Guesstimate for 2012 is six million pounds.
Americans aware of the trouble ahead: rough guesstimate by the editor.
Auctioneer Paul Wood said: "We have put what we believe is a realistic estimate on the medal, but obviously it is a bit of a guesstimate as interest in the medal is an unknown quantity - it could go for much more.
There's the crux of his errors: his voting recommendations are based on his guesstimate of the probable outcome.
Without access to curve data, engineers are forced to guess at a value to be inserted into the equation; with curve data, engineers can either select data measured at the test conditions or interpolate or extrapolate to reach an approximate value at the desired conditions -- a value that will likely be far more accurate than the guesstimate traditionally used.
A guesstimate of our costs for travelling there for a match w'lich wasn't played is in the region of pounds 64,000.
There are too many variables at this stage and it wouldn't be sensible for me to sit here and give even a guesstimate date of when it will be possible to do.
Seahorses can be a little tricky and hermit crabs are always something of a guesstimate as it's difficult to tell which shells are inhabited and which are currently vacant.
David Borsook, who leads the Pain and Analgesia Imaging and Neuroscience group at McLean Hospital in Boston, said: "Whilst it offers a reasonable guesstimate of the amount of pain a person is in, it's not objective, and there is great variation in responses.
There's no point looking too far ahead and trying to guesstimate where you're going to be.
It's a bit of a guesstimate with regards to the trip as I'm sure she will stay a mile and a quarter, but we don't know about a mile and three plus.
Anybody want to guess where this original $10 billion guesstimate will end up?
Without seeing it, I'll have to give a guesstimate of between pounds 50-130.
In the past, businesses were forced to sort through piles of open sales and purchase orders to guesstimate the quantity of inventory that could be promised to a customer and when it would arrive.