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Synonyms for guerrilla

freedom fighter


Synonyms for guerrilla

a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

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Guerrilla movements based on ideological or religious convictions are hard to suppress.
It reveals 19 secrets every guerrilla social media marketer needs to know, and includes 'The Guerrilla Social Media Toolkit', The Seven-Sentence Social Media Attack Plan, a 22-point social she and blog checklist as well as 20 types of ROT.
Carbon Guerrilla is aimed at all businesses not just those compelled by legislation.
Jordan's military mission is obstructed by his quarrel with Pablo, the treacherous leader of the guerrilla band.
Asi opina en entrevista con este semanario Rafael Calcines, corresponsal en aquel pais de la agencia cubana Prensa Latina, quien agrega que actualmente la situacion esta en punto cero, en donde no avanzan ni el gobierno ni la guerrilla, por lo que el conflicto podria extenderse durante anos.
Other Noted Guerrillas of the Civil War in Missouri
In a boardroom setting, Guerrilla Marketing students receive feedback and grades from judges.
As considered in this manuscript, the rapid transformation of the market place from an oligopolistic domestic to the highly competitive monopolistic global has brought about an emergent use and study of guerrilla tactics.
THERE WAS A CONCEPTUAL contradiction at the heart of the commission: "We'd like you to do a guerrilla garden at Harbourfront," said Patrick.
The downloads from "Digital Guerrilla Marketing" include: Seven Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan, 143+ Guerrilla Marketing Weapons, information and Action List, Checklist for Implementing New Marketing Weapons, Maximize Ad Effectiveness Checklist, Guerrilla Direct-Mail Letter Worksheet, Guerrilla Direct-Mail Letter Checklist, Guerrilla Event Promotion Planning Worksheet, After-Event Wrap-Up Worksheet, Sales Promotion Worksheet, After Sales Promotion Wrap-Up Worksheet, First Time Sales Tracking Form, Incoming Phone Call Tracking Form, Worksheet for Writing Your Yellow Pages Ad, and Yellow Pages Ad Checklist.
President Uribe recently ripped open the debate again, accusing M-19, a now defunct guerrilla group, of working with the drug traffickers.
The most notorious, Death to Kidnappers, was formed in 1981 by drug-trafficking brothers Fabio, Jorge Luis, and Juan David Ochoa, whose sister was being held by one of the country's leftist guerrilla groups.
All the death and destruction in Aceh Province from the tsunami only briefly stopped another destructive force: guerrilla warfare.
First the urban guerrilla must use revolutionary violence to identify with popular causes and so win a popular base," wrote Marighella.
Just imagine how eagerly Condoleezza Rice and Don Rumsfeld must have anticipated The History Channel's new documentary, "Nazi Guerrillas," which the cable blurb described as "revealing the post-World War II Nazi loyalists who used guerrilla tactics to halt reconstruction.