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an irregular armed force that fights by sabotage and harassment

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Few things are more powerful and decisive in an insurgency than the intelligence superiority that a successful guerilla force enjoys.
com project was a grass roots effort that made it a perfect candidate for MindComet's Guerilla Force to flex their viral muscles.
Recent additions such as the BlogStar Network, Guerilla Force and eWareness(TM) solutions have fueled business growth, attracting companies looking for services from viral marketing and blog advertising, to fully integrated marketing solutions.
The team, dubbed Guerilla Force, will specialize in the research, design, and deployment of online viral campaigns for MindComet's client partners.
Military authorities said the suspected NPA rebels tried to smuggle the firearms intended for NPA guerilla forces operating in Makilala, North Cotabato.
The British commander, General Scobie, ordered the dissolution of the guerilla forces.
Kurdish border areas with Iran have come under Iranian fire under the pretext of chasing the Iranian opposition PJAK guerilla forces.
This new approach is far from the hit-and-run strategy usually employed by guerilla forces working from the shadows.
In 1983 she was appointed to a peace commission that brought together the Colombian government and the M-19 guerilla forces.
But before he tried a conventional approach, he attempted a more unconventional approach using guerilla forces.
Armies and guerilla forces around the world have discovered a potent new weapon in the past few decades: children.
Friendly guerilla forces removed the ailing Ettinger from a POW camp and took him to the Wonsan area, where they contacted U.
The key players in the 37-year-old conflict, which has left 130,000 people dead and 2 million displaced, are the Colombian military, guerilla forces (who rely on cocaine production for funding) and right-wing paramilitaries, many of whom are financed by drug dealers and landowners.
They include Gerry Cleaver, of Coventry's African studies centre, who will examine the role of guerilla forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Tao employees have been confronted by ELN guerilla forces at the mine site, who have been active in the region.