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an irregular armed force that fights by sabotage and harassment

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The team, dubbed Guerilla Force, will specialize in the research, design, and deployment of online viral campaigns for MindComet's client partners.
Few things are more powerful and decisive in an insurgency than the intelligence superiority that a successful guerilla force enjoys.
The rebels promised earlier to stop using child soldiers and Human Rights Watch said reported cases had dropped significantly, but Unicef said there were still at least 196 children in the guerilla force at the end of last month.
For thirty years the Provos not only waged its terrorist campaign in Ireland and Britain, but it spent money and time turning itself into the best-run guerilla force in the world.
On the issue of South Sudan, the Pentagon disclosed that the US administration is keen on assisting Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) "transition from a guerilla force to one that can provide adequate defense capabilities for its people and territory," DOD spokeswoman Lt.
In early July, Murphy challenged his newly formed Guerilla Force team to promote his intergalactic idea.
The demand for MindComet's innovative online marketing services, including the recent Guerilla Force and the BlogStar Network, has fueled the company's record growth.
guerilla forces have taken control of the beautiful island of Cuba and once again the A-10 Warthogs must suppress the enemies of freedom.
Actor Eduardo Verastegui (Bella) portrays Blessed Jose Anacleto Gonzalez Flores, a martyr who led the civilian league of the Cristiada guerilla forces.
The British commander, General Scobie, ordered the dissolution of the guerilla forces.
Kurdish border areas with Iran have come under Iranian fire under the pretext of chasing the Iranian opposition PJAK guerilla forces.
This new approach is far from the hit-and-run strategy usually employed by guerilla forces working from the shadows.
In 1983 she was appointed to a peace commission that brought together the Colombian government and the M-19 guerilla forces.
But before he tried a conventional approach, he attempted a more unconventional approach using guerilla forces.
Friendly guerilla forces removed the ailing Ettinger from a POW camp and took him to the Wonsan area, where they contacted U.