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a member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment

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I hope the Nike decision to engage Guerilla will show we are serious about becoming a national player.
Now, Hip Hop Official subscribers can stay connected to Guerilla Union events wherever they are.
To promote its "Orange" online banking solutions, ING Direct waged guerilla campaigns in the metropolitan regions of Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.
Guerilla marketers often employ clever and imaginative programs to target a smaller group of consumers within a larger mass audience.
Guerilla, based in Newcastle city centre, has grown to sales of PS2m since being launched nearly 12 years ago.
James Allen, managing director of Guerilla, said: "Recruiting Nicky as client services director is a key appointment for us as we move the business forward.
To their credit, people like Hackworth and the four lieutenant colonels recognize that guerilla wars must be waged as much in the political and economic sphere as on the battlefield.
The Guerilla Studio is the only environment at SIGGRAPH 2003 where the content is created on-site by the attendees themselves," said Peter Braccio, chair of The Guerilla Studio from Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.
Its independent Design 100 survey is the authoritative guide to the UK's top design agencies and Guerilla is the only agency from the North East to make it in to the top 100.
Matt said: "I decided that my heart was still at Guerilla and my ambition for the company is as strong now if not stronger than the day we opened our doors.
The bold new campaign, entitled "Where," will roll out via television, print, interactive, outdoor and guerilla marketing.
NEWCASTLE creative agency Guerilla has been appointed to develop a campaign for fast-growing Californian technology company 8x8 Inc.
Craig Lumley has joined Guerilla Communications as senior developer, despite being just 23.
She argues that such guerilla government is rife throughout public institutions, but that it can, if properly channeled, be seen as a creative asset to such organizations.
Under the terms of the agreement, Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing books, The Guerilla Marketing Tool Kit and the Guerilla Marketing Network will be distributed on JackStreet's Readers Radio Network ( http://www.