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a colobus monkey with a reddish brown coat and white silky fringes down both sides of the body

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It includes guereza monkey, duiker, gazelles, baboons and leopard, as well as a lot of birds, but the main attraction is the miles of giant and ancient trees.
Water-plant and soil consumption by guereza monkeys Colobus guereza: a relationship with minerals and toxins in the diet?
guereza are highly divergent from all known SIV isolates (5), we designed a series of overlapping peptides (16-mers overlapping by 10) across the gag gene, on the basis of the only available Colobus sequence (5).
Viruses from the remaining two species (Colobus guereza and Mandrillus sphinx) grouped with previously reported SIVcol and SIVmnd-2 strains, respectively.
colobi Host Colobus guereza Ruppell, 1835, colobus monkey Oocysts Small, spherical, 8 - 9 [micro]m (mean 8.