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Synonyms for guerdon

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

something justly deserved

to bestow a reward on


Words related to guerdon

a reward or payment

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Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, and founded in 2001, Guerdon is a leading systems-built, off site producer of large modular commercial and multi-family construction projects in the Western United States and Canada.
For further information, please contact Guerdon "GR" Green, VP Sales and Marketing.
His wanderings are done, For he has found the Source whence all things run - The guerdon of the quest, that satisfies.
Therefore his deeds shall be famous in song, And he shall be declared immortal by the Muses, Daughters of Memory, As they magnify the guerdon of friendship and the worship of Zeus the hospitable.
With best apolojigs and merrymoney thanks to self for all the clerricals and again begs guerdon for bistrispissing on your bunificence.
And when blacks and whites lead effectively separate lives and viewed access to work as license to war under the banner of "white manhood rights," Local 8 charted its own model of how working against Jim Crow--at least on the job--returned its own guerdon.
In accordance with his earlier comments about preparing the translation for the public good, he claims in the preface that he expects no remuneration for his efforts: 'No hier nor no guerdon [reward], I do crave for this my payne'.
We know not the goal of their going, what guerdon we have for our sorrow, Nor why their feet be of iron, and stony the way that they tread, Nor if we may look for good tidings and joy of a merciful morrow, And if there be rest for the souls they have trampled when all shall have sped.
House you were born in, Friends of your spring-time, Old man and young maid, Day's toil and its guerdon, They are all vanishing, Fleeing to fables, Cannot be moored.
Or te rendrai itel guerdon CAO 6937 La terre avrat maleicon In sudore vultus tui vesceris pane Ou tu uoldras ton ble semer tuo, dixit dominus ad Adam, cum Il te faldrat al fruit porter operatus fueris terram, non dabit Ele est maleite sor ta main fructos suos, sed spinas et tribulos Tu le cotiueras en vain.
A Most Learned, Conscientious, and Devout-Exercise, written by one Aaron Guerdon, purported to be a sermon delivered by Cromwell before his departure for Ireland in summer 1649.
44) Together both, ere the high lawns appeared (25) (45) Batt'ning our flocks with the fresh dews of night(29) (46) Fanning their joyous leaves to thy soft lays (44) (47) But the fair guerdon when we hope to find (73) (48) Set off to th' world, nor in broad rumor lies (80) (49) But swoln with wind, and the rank mist they draw (126) (50) But that two-handed engine at the door(*) (130) (51) Ye valleys low where the mild whispers use (136) (52) On whose fresh lap the swart star sparely looks (138)
The year before, former Animal Services General Manager Guerdon Stuckey was terminated, then awarded a $50,000 contract to write a 32-page report on how to deal with pet overpopulation.