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Synonyms for guerdon

something given in return for a service or accomplishment

something justly deserved

to bestow a reward on


Words related to guerdon

a reward or payment

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However, it becomes obvious that although the renovations may appear to improve life at Guerdon Hall; appearances can be deceptive and very soon Cora and Mimi are in grave danger.
0 million of invested capital in Guerdon Enterprises, LLC ("Guerdon"), to aid the majority recapitalization of Guerdon, with Main Street funding $13.
0m of invested capital in Guerdon Enterprises LLC to support the majority recapitalisation of Guerdon with Main Street funding USD 13.
7m) investment in domestic modular commercial and multi-family construction projects specialist Guerdon Enterprises LLC.
23 For the poet, each season at Hazely Heath brings a "new guerdon of good things.
The true conjurer finds his guerdon in the consciousness of work done perfectly and for its own sake.
The town of Bryers Guerdon lies in a kind of suspended animation until a new female child awakens the creature and his (Long Lankin's) insatiable thirst for human life.
For further information, please contact Guerdon "GR" Green, VP Sales and Marketing.
His wanderings are done, For he has found the Source whence all things run - The guerdon of the quest, that satisfies.
Therefore his deeds shall be famous in song, And he shall be declared immortal by the Muses, Daughters of Memory, As they magnify the guerdon of friendship and the worship of Zeus the hospitable.
With best apolojigs and merrymoney thanks to self for all the clerricals and again begs guerdon for bistrispissing on your bunificence.
And when blacks and whites lead effectively separate lives and viewed access to work as license to war under the banner of "white manhood rights," Local 8 charted its own model of how working against Jim Crow--at least on the job--returned its own guerdon.
For it may not at any hand be thought and deemed the direct meaning of SENECA himself, whose whole wrytynges (penned with a peerless sublimity and loftinesse of Style) are so farre from countenauncing Vice, that I doubt whether there bee any amonge all the Catalogue of Heathen wryters, that with more gravity of Philosophicall sentences, more waightyness of sappy words, or greater authority of sound matter beateth down sinne, loose lyfe, dissolute dealinge, and unbridled sensuality: or that more sensibly, pithily and bytingly layeth downe the guerdon of filthy lust, cloaked dissimulation, & odious treachery: which is the dryft, where-unto he leveleth the whole yssue of each one of his Tragedies.