gudgeon pin

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pin joining a piston to a connecting rod


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Pistons complete with connecting rod and Gudgeon Pin removed from place, dismantled, cleaned all readings and calibrations taken and fitted back in place with suitable bearings and rings.
Tenders are invited for Kit Piston with gudgeon pin for 66101 W HHP Loco Compressor to ELGI Part No.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Natural Rubber Sheet 25Mm & 5Mm Thick For Bcm, Distributer Conveyor Belt For Bcm, Main Conveyor Belt For Bcm, West Conveyor Belt For Bcm, Cutting Chain Assembly Set For Bcm, Dredger Drum, Connecting Elbow Lhs For Bcm, Cutter Bar, Corner Roller Assembly Without Bearing, Gudgeon Pin, Pin For Decending Through, Jubli Clamp For Bcm & Frm, Callots Out Of Ms For Bcm, Bearing Mounting For Screen Unit For Bcm, Wear Arch Set For Bcm.
5 X 22X2 Lg 01080 Qty /Per Mcpa 01, 2 Part No 022401039 Obs Piston Ring 60 Dia 01 No 3 000917218 Circlip Internal 18Mm 02 Nos 4 000478710 Piston And Gudgeon Pin 60 Dia Lgoo /11 -01 No 5 00041164A Gasket 0.