gudgeon pin

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pin joining a piston to a connecting rod


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Tenders are invited for 100 Mm Piston Assemblies Consisting Of 3 Items 1 100Mm Piston With Gudgeon Pin To Elgi Part No.
3 Kit Piston With Gudgeon Pin Incl No:1,2,3 Elgi Part No.
Gudgeon Pin And Circlip For Kcw-523, Lg-3Cdb Compressor And Ke6 Expressor Ser Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Gudgeon Pin High Pressure Piston Drg.
2 Dischsrge Pressure: 70 Bar 3 Pump Type: Reciprocating Plunger Pump 4 Connections: 1-1/2 X 1 Bsp 5 Pump Speed: 375 Rpm 6 Motor: 10 Hp 1440 Rpm Tefc 7 Accessories: Base Plate, V-Belt, Pulleys And Prv 8 Moc: Crane Case Cylinder Body: Ci Connecting Rod: Sg Iron Replaceable Gm Bushing For Gudgeon Pin Crank Shaft: Alloy Steel Cylinder Liners, Valve Seats : Ss304 Plungers, Springs Make: High Pressure Plunger Pump Suitable For High Pressure Washing Plant