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any thick, viscous matter

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President Joachim Guck of the Federal Republic of Germany on the occasion of Germany's Day of National Unity, in which HRH the Crown Prince expressed utmost felicitations and best wishes of abundant health and well-being to H.
Guck has cultivated a distinctively subjective and interpretive mode of analysis.
Will you use the same size glob and same kind of guck each time?
was founded by three visionaries, Jeb Tyler (Executive Vice President of Marketing), Craig Jerabeck (President & CEO), and Jason Guck (Executive Vice President of Sales), who wanted to make a difference.
He had been working with guiacol, a compound that was found in creosote, the black oily guck that builds up inside chimney flues as a result of incomplete burning of wood or coal.
Muller cells probably get their high refractive indexes from tight bundles of polymer fibers extending along their lengths, says team member Jochen Guck, now of the University of Cambridge in England.
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Noteworthy in and of themselves are Marion Guck on figurative language in music analysis and pedagogy, Richard Leppert's study on visual metaphors of music in Dutch painting, the irresistible logic of Judith Becker on the meanings of Javanese court dance, and Kassler's own account of the grandly metaphorical philosophy of Roger North.
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We sometimes use it as a drain cleaner to dissolve all the accumulated guck which includes items ranging from hair to toothpaste tube caps.
I turn to find Sarah stomping in the mud, her shoes thick with guck.
Guck is a graduate of the University of New Mexico and was the Head Superintendent at Stone Ridge Golf Club in Medford, Oregon.
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Harriet Fulcher, Jade Ford, Dannica Harrison- Guck, Hope Dvorsky.
CONTACT: Susan Guck, Corporate Communications for RBC Dain Rauscher Inc.