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Synonyms for guava

small tropical shrubby tree bearing small yellowish fruit

small tropical American shrubby tree

tropical fruit having yellow skin and pink pulp

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Based in Hayward, California, Guava developed the industry's first commercial microcapillary flow cytometry system, which enables scientists to conduct flow cytometry using a small, bench top instrument.
New Cruzan Guava joins a diverse portfolio of premium rum products that are perfect for every occasion, including super premium, light, dark and flavored rums.
This is a partnership--not just between Millipore and Guava Technologies, but between our two companies and the research community," said Bruder.
In addition, Guava Technologies has established a strong global sales and service organization with offices in Hayward, California, US, and Stamford, UK.
Millipore has significant experience and reach among academic and government researchers and an extensive network of highly qualified service providers throughout the world," said Lawrence Bruder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Guava Technologies.
The addition of the Guava EasyCyte Plus is another step toward attaining the Guava vision of providing easy-to-use, yet powerful and cost-effective cell analysis tools for broad application within the life science research community," said Todd Christian, VP of Commercial Operations.
The Guava RapidQuant Assays are for Research Use Only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.
The Guava RapidQuant IgG assays significantly reduce the hands-on time required to perform antibody quantitation.
Speaking about today's agreement, Lawrence Bruder, Guava Technologies' Chief Executive Officer, commented, "Guava is honored and proud to work with the Clinton Foundation, which has rapidly become one of the primary NGOs focused on HIV/AIDS diagnosis and treatment in much of the developing world.
The use of the Guava PCA systems leads to better, faster decision making, resulting in lower research and production costs.
Larry Bruder, Guava Technologies' chief executive officer, stated, "Guava has developed the most sophisticated and robust bench top systems and assays for the drug discovery and cell biology communities.
Reed is a prolific scientist with extensive business experience," said Rajen Dalal, Guava Technologies' president and CEO.
Guava Technologies also announced that it has agreed with Hercules to obtain a secured, one-year credit line of $4.
Nardone brings deep and diverse biotechnology marketing experience to Guava's executive team," commented Rajen Dalal, Guava Technologies' president and CEO.
In the past year, Guava has launched several new products, significantly expanded its market share in the United States and entered new international markets.