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Synonyms for guava

small tropical shrubby tree bearing small yellowish fruit

small tropical American shrubby tree

tropical fruit having yellow skin and pink pulp

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The demonstration Guava blocks were being developed in Sialkot, Lahore, Narowal, Gujranwala and Hafizabad districts, they said adding that agri department would provide necessary information and guidance as well as assistance for the protection of Guava farm from pest attack to interested growers.
President, Sindh Chamber of Agriculture Larkana Syed Siraj Rashdi told the participants that as many as 13 varieties of guava are produced in Larkana and recently one sample has been introduced from Indonesia but the local produce is far better than others which are not only very sweet but very tasty as well.
That's the reason even I stopped bringing the normal guava and preferring these hybrid guavas," added a seller.
According to an estimate 100 g of guava fruit contains approximately 260 mg of vitamin C (FAO, 1984; Rahman et al.
In this sense cattley guava and guava flowering synchronization may, as hypothesis, be reached through fructification pruning in order to facilitate the accomplishment of artificial hybridizations.
This year, total harvest of guava fruit from Raipur district holds impressive figures of 7,403 metric ton (MT) followed by 6,204 metric ton in Baloda Bazaar, 11,244 metric ton in Mahasamund, 5,684 metric ton in Damtari district, 5,715 metric ton in Durg district, besides other districts also holds distinctive data to sum up.
Therefore, the present research aimed to verify grafting compatibility between guava and selections of P.
Guava fruit is used mostly for squashes pickles and juices which are leading to cottage industry.
5% male psyllids moved towards the arm provided with citrus leaves treated with 10000 mg/L 5000 mg/L and 1000 mg/L guava extract respectively.
Key words: Guava juice processing, enzyme treatment, pectinase, response surface methodology.
Sharakpur' guava is the result of such seedling selections in Pakistan.
The chief executive officer of the Harvest Tradings suggests that well-equipped processing units with latest technologies should be installed in guava producing areas with research facilities to boost production of quality fruit and its products.
GUAVA is a medical software device with a formal Application Programming Interface (API).
5 acre guava farm Homestead Florida Amazing offer here property has approx 3000 producing guava trees value of approx $100 per tree.
In Asia, legend has it that the leaf of the guava tree can treat all manner of ailments, from arthritis to diarrhea.