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a soldier who is a member of a unit called 'the guard' or 'guards'

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Almost immediately upon arriving, the Guardsmen eight Soldiers and five Airmen will set up Joint Incident Site Communication Capability (JISCC) equipment capable of connecting local, state, and federal-level authorities together through voice, video, and data communications.
Habib Essid keenly encouraged the national guardsmen who were wounded in the attack for their sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
Some of today's honorees are large companies like AT&T, which has given its deployed Guardsmen and Reservists cell phones and iPads so that they can keep in touch with their families.
Security source in Anbar told NINA that a security force coming from Baghdad, raided the house of Faisal al-Essawi, former Anbar Councilman and Acting Mayor of Amiriyat Falluja, arresting 3 of his guardsmen, without stating the reason.
It has been a demanding period indeed, for Guardsmen and for all those families who support them.
Moore, more than 300 guardsmen stood at attention during the ceremony.
His tragic and untimely death has robbed us of one of the brightest young guardsmen in the regiment.
THE Queen's Guardsmen are under investigation for flogging their bearskin hats on eBay.
His example has been followed by his two sons, Andy and Julian, both of whom have now over 20 years as Guardsmen.
Chester-le-Street born Andy, together with seven other serving and former guardsmen, got on their bikes to cycle the 280 miles from Wellington Barracks in London to Waterloo in Belgium to raise thousands of pounds for The Colonel's Fund Grenadier Guards.
It is in memory of all the Scots Guardsmen from Mersey side who gave their lives in service of their country.
where they begin a two-year assignment as a guardsmen in one of the platoons as a casket bearer, firing party, drill team or colors platoon.
According to the Associated Press, the report states that the Guardsmen "then began to withdraw to avoid a confrontation.
A few states' governors have not forgotten and are battling the White House with everything they have to get their guardsmen back home where they belong.
FOUR guardsmen charged with killing a teenage Iraqi looter had been hung out to dry, a defence barrister said yesterday.