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a railing placed alongside a stairway or road for safety


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The problems, associated with the investigation and increase of motor road guardrail safety, have been in the focus of the researchers in various countries for many years.
Wall and end panels can be attached to the scaffold frames, cross braces and guardrails before taking the blind to the field to save field-assembly time.
The elements of a metal road guardrail may be described as a beam system and analysed with the use of finite elements and various software packages (for example, ANSYS, ALGOR, LS-DYNA, etc).
A possible explanation of the above trend may be provided by supposing that a guardrail on the dividing strip of a multilane road may reduce maneuverability of a vehicle, particularly, when it runs on the dividing strip without any grave consequences, which, in the absence of a guardrail, would not be registered as a traffic accident.
If the road where your client was injured needed a guardrail, carefully measure the proximity of stationary objects in the area, the width of a recovery zone (if one exists), and the drop-off ratio between the road and the roadside.
Amazingly, after doing my "Flying Wallenda" impersonation over the guardrail, I didn't even have a headache.
Shortly before the accident, a truck transporting 40 logs slipped and hit a guardrail, and about 30 logs -- 10 meters long and 50 centimeters in diameter -- smashed through the guardrail and fell onto the tracks about 7 meters below, police said.
Subsequently, though, I received a very nice letter from the commune where the guardrail was located, and where I had lived previously, saying that the guardrail was fine and there was nothing to pay.
Twenty-one middle school students were killed when a guardrail collapsed along stairs inside a northern China middle school, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Tuesday.
Alyson Bodman, 36, fell six feet, fracturing her skull, after the Arbroath lifeboat's guardrail gave way in 1997.
Seventeen deaths involved children who became entrapped between the mattress and the guardrail, five involved children who became entrapped either between the mattress and bed structure or in the bed-end structure, and 16 deaths involved young children who reportedly became entrapped between the bed and wall.
While talking on a pay phone, he fell over a guardrail into a stairwell and was permanently injured.
According to the company's grant application, American Rubber Recycling Centers plans to use the MPCA grant to design and safety-test a guardrail off-set extension for use on roads and highways.
Company to provide software engineering, logistics and business operations services for Guardrail ground support systems
Leon County is seeking the services of a qualified vendor for a unit price, continuing supply services for the purchase installation and repair of guardrail and handrail at various locations within Leon County, Florida.