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  • noun

Synonyms for guardianship

the function of watching, guarding, or overseeing

Synonyms for guardianship

attention and management implying responsibility for safety

the responsibility of a guardian or keeper

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We had just mounted some mules and asses and started out under the guardianship of the stately, the princely, the magnificent Hadji Muhammad Lamarty (may his tribe increase
Another source of income to Maria were her cows, two of them, which she milked night and morning and which gained a surreptitious livelihood from vacant lots and the grass that grew on either side the public side walks, attended always by one or more of her ragged boys, whose watchful guardianship consisted chiefly in keeping their eyes out for the poundmen.
The plate and the more valuable pictures found a safer home in London, but the bulk of the things went country-ways, and were entrusted to the guardianship of Miss Avery.
The latter might probably have been won for him, had those on whom the guardianship of his welfare had fallen deemed it advisable to expose Clifford to a miserable resuscitation of past ideas, when the condition of whatever comfort he might expect lay in the calm of forgetfulness.
The senator introduced a bill containing amendments to Article 66 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation "Implementation of parental rights by a parent living apart from the child" and to the Federal Law "On Guardianship and Trusteeship".
This business averages 40 to 60 clients of guardianship and trustees a year and could expand to the Villages.
Synopsis: Forced guardianship fraud runs unchecked throughout the nation's probate courts.
The value of the estates under guardianship in Texas $5 billion, he said.
In New York State, guardianship of individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities may be sought pursuant to Article [17-A] or Mental Hygiene Law Article 81.
As Florida grows and ages, we can expect more and more cases dealing with guardianship issues to come into our courts," Labarga said.
Summary: Thousands of Saudis have signed a petition urging an end to the guardianship system that gives men control over the study, marriage and travel of female relatives, activists said Tuesday.
Saudi women are asking King Salman to eliminate the male guardianship system, saying they want to be treated as adults.
Members of The Florida Bar Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section's (RPPTL) Guardianship, Power of Attorney and Advance Directives Committee are keenly aware that there have been major changes to Florida's guardianship laws in the last several years.
Even today, most parents are told to get guardianship for their family member, especially those with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
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