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Anomie, or "lacking in unity" (37) and "non-integration of a social system", (38) that characterises modern social transformations, occurs in conjunction with the perpetuation of the guardian spirit cult.
The teacher spirits of the core members are mostly traditional spirits, such as the guardian spirit of the village (phi sua ban), the matrilineal ancestor spirit (phi pu ya), or the tutelary spirits of the traditional city state (phi sua muang), and there are a number of superior spirits of the ruling class who deliver divine messages (phi chao nai).
Transformation into an animal guardian spirit, seen nowhere in LotR, (12) figures in the story of Earendil, as Elwing, wearing the Silmaril, throws herself into the sea to escape Maedhros and Maglor, the sons of Feanor, but is borne up by Ulmo as "he gave her the likeness of a great white bird" and she flies over the sea to Earendil.
Benedict, The Concept of the Guardian Spirit in North America (Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association, no.
Inspired by her guardian spirit, a radiant boy named Demosthenes, she and her sister Tennessee fled the family.
RJF also makes the Aroma Stream diffuser, along with a locket and a Guardian Spirit Angel Pendant that each diffuse essential oils.
Mullner's first novel was Der Incest, oder der Schutzgeist von Avignon (1799; "The Incest; or, The Guardian Spirit of Avignon").
Shimada, who has been touted in the New York Times as "one of the major new Japanese voices," works hard to make this storyline, by turns threadbare and self-consciously quirky, more than a divertissement enlivened by New Age-ish excursions into the paranormal (Matthew's guardian spirit is able to visit other people's dreams), forays down Tokyo's meaner streets (including encounters with street gangs and visits to gay bars and sex hotels), and glimpses into the disaffected lives of the young that seem cribbed from Brett Easton Ellis.
Bob's guardian spirit is Xena, the hummingbird, she offers a note of realistic skepticism, while his wise friends Doc the turtle, Earl the clam, Wallace the Walrus, and Al the Dolphin help him achieve difficult underwater rescue tasks by encouraging him to believe in himself and use his inner resources.
He gives a detailed description of a possession and attendant rituals through which a deceased relative is made into a guardian spirit.
In the times of household Gods and more deities than you could shake a fustem at, Romans would often regard individual places as having their own guardian spirit.
The medium of the guardian spirit is a Thai man by a Chinese mother who married the former medium's Muslim daughter and converted to Islam, even though he remains a Thai Buddhist at heart and continues to participate in Buddhist merit-making ceremonies.
Maadjit Wagarl is the sacred water snake and guardian spirit of all the rivers and fresh waters of Nyoongar Country of Western Australia.
Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney paid tribute to his friend, the late Poet Laureate Ted Hughes, calling him "a guardian spirit of the land and language" at his memorial service in Westminster Abbey yesterday.
The guardian spirit, Tahmahnawis, builds a land bridge over Che-Wana (the Columbia River) as a sign of peace between the brothers.