guardian spirit

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an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual

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I am both the interpreter and passage of what comes from the senior guardian spirits of the state who reside here at the Shrine and of all that which Mwari would want people to know and understand.
Mandi's regional guardian spirit (dubula moeng) is a goddess by the name of Nangpenghiu and people believe that she possesses the same power as other guardian spirits and gods; she was thus given the honorary title of Nanggangteladishuai.
The belief was that after several days of fasting, the boys-soon-to-be-men would start having dreams and receive powers from a guardian spirit.
He also discusses a merging that occurs between the guardian spirit and the shaman, where they become one and the shaman often assumes the form of his guardian spirit in his ecstatic journeys.
The guardian spirit statues will be shifted from the inner zone of the passenger terminal to the check-in area to 'improve morale' of people working at the airport," the report added.
Roseberry Topping has been our guardian spirit for time immemorial and, in many ways, it is our identity.
nNote from Lapworth Players on preparations for the annual pantomime: "At the time of writing, the following parts need to be filled: Ali (Sinbad's brother), Guardian Spirit and the donkey.
The climax of his journey is a ritual performed by his spiritual adviser designed to join him with his new guardian spirit, Mamacita.
Common ancestor, guardian spirit, and helper of the clan, totem is dangerous to outsiders but recognizes and spares its own, thus earning emblematic status as family crest, symbol, or historical record.
Dulcinea, the ballerina role, appears in many guises (devoted servant girl, proud shepherdess, guardian spirit, damsel in distress, Madonna).
Discover guardian spirit connections, angels, and learn how to use traditional spells for protection in a title which is packed with insights on the nature of good and evil.
This is not hunting magic in Frazer's sense, since it depends on the intervention of the hunter's guardian spirit.
Benedict, The Concept of the Guardian Spirit in North America (Memoirs of the American Anthropological Association, no.
RJF also makes the Aroma Stream diffuser, along with a locket and a Guardian Spirit Angel Pendant that each diffuse essential oils.
Shimada, who has been touted in the New York Times as "one of the major new Japanese voices," works hard to make this storyline, by turns threadbare and self-consciously quirky, more than a divertissement enlivened by New Age-ish excursions into the paranormal (Matthew's guardian spirit is able to visit other people's dreams), forays down Tokyo's meaner streets (including encounters with street gangs and visits to gay bars and sex hotels), and glimpses into the disaffected lives of the young that seem cribbed from Brett Easton Ellis.