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a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained

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A week later, I escaped from the guardhouse and got out of the country as fast as I could.
Destroyed within the mine site were two guardhouses, Ipilan's staff house, the administration office, and the operation building, said 1Lt.
Among the facilities destroyed by members of the demolition team, who were accompanied by police and soldiers, were guardhouses and office buildings mostly made out of light materials, and the company's gate and fences.
Other infrastructure facilities will consist of utility building, security gates and guardhouses, car parking, landscaping, and pedestrian paths, with 40% of the total development, or about 48,500 square meters committed to open areas, lush green landscaping, cycling tracks and children~s play areas.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkey's land borders are protected by 51,107 soldiers in 317 guardhouses, according to a written statement published on the website of the General Staff on Monday.
They said the men took photos of possible targets, scouting Miami's FBI headquarters and a courthouse, checking out entry ramps, surveillance cameras and guardhouses.
Prosecution lawyers said the men had taken photos of possible targets and scouted out Miami's FBI headquarters and a courthouse, surveying entry ramps, surveillance cameras and guardhouses.
Oil exports through IraqCOs northern pipeline have increased more than 10 times from a year ago following construction of berms, ditches, fences and guardhouses to protect the line from sabotage and theft, according to a US government report.
We've had a lot of guardhouses in gated communities or accessory buildings in neighborhoods [use Lamarite]," notes Neil Robinson, creative director of marketing at Tamko Roofing Products in Joplin, Mo.
One Christmas Eve, when she was a university student, she delivered Christmas trees she had made to the guardhouses of the Akasaka Palace where she lived.