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a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained

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He was wrongly, I believe, accused for allowing atrocities to occur at the guardhouse.
To ensure that the leader didn't doze off or wander away during those two hours, he was required to press a button in the guardhouse every ten minutes.
Somewhat easier to spot are the Siamese crocodiles, one of which we saw upon arrival, floating in the water just below the guardhouse.
Wayne sat in the glass guardhouse at the edge of the parking lot sniffing the dye in his new gray uniform.
IDEAS FOR HALF-TERM NORMANDY: Just France (020 8780 4480) has a refurbished 17th-century guardhouse on the coast near Pegasus Bridge available for six people from Oct 27 from pounds 77 per person, including a Brittany Ferries crossing to Caen.
Behind are the lower blocks which contain the commercial and visa sections, guardhouse, and some of the recreation facilities -- there is a kindergarten and medical centre as well as swimming pool, gym and social club.
On the other hand, a few edifices --notably Schinkel's Doric Neue Wache or New Guardhouse (1818) won acceptance as a memorial by Nazis, the GDR, and united Germany alike.
A shake-shingled guardhouse is perched just inside the pink-azalea-lined drive of Reagan's house at 668 St.
It has seven radial cellhouses connected to a central rotunda which served as an observatory and guardhouse.
Let us dust our nubs beneath the guardhouse beams, but this time you be the crust and I will play the tropical raincoat.
As a youthful member of a student political club, Reuter was arrested when government authorities instituted repressive measures following a student attack on a military guardhouse.
Samuel Argall of Virginia decreed that all who failed to attend church service would be imprisoned in the guardhouse, "lying neck and heels in the Corps of Gard ye night following and be a slave ye week following.
Imagine the husky soldier at the guardhouse waiting for an hour as a frantic visitor guesses incorrect passwords-and then letting him go by when he finally hits the right one.
Take Treasure Island exits from the Bay Bridge; stop at the guardhouse for a pass and directions.