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Although on intake Ronald maintained a high motivation to change and move away from his criminal lineage, his initial group sessions were marked with guardedness and suspicion, with minimal participation.
2011) Additional cultural issues that affect the symptoms African American men present in therapy: * Higher levels of cultural distrust, increased guardedness, increased self-consciousness (Adebimpe, 1981; Brown et al.
Eleni Andreouli, a lecturer in psychology at the Open University, believes that the guardedness towards migration comes partly from a fear of change and difference.
Suicidal ideation that expresses active or passive methods of suicide usually reflects psychodynamic, cultural, religious, and moral issues as well as evasiveness, guardedness, denial, and other factors.
He says it to a French couple from whose body language you can discern a guardedness borne out of puzzlement that might read: Why is this man being nice and offering us hot drinks for free?
She makes important contributions to the study of print--both its demands on the author and effects on the reader--and to the prominence of Jonson's literary guardedness.
According to Nelson and Friedlander, the overall effect on supervisees included loss of trust and safety, powerlessness, guardedness, health concerns, fear, and self-doubt.
Whatever the reasons behind this method (be they guardedness, humility, or accident), its ultimate effect is a sense of willful self-erasure of the sort that Cohen himself equates with sainthood in his writings.
16) It is difficult to construe the tone of the Life itself, for all sorts of reasons to do with the author's dissimulation of his own voice, and the layering of retrospection--all this aside from Hardy's own, notorious and wily guardedness.
She rubbed herself on him as if to show she wasn't worried by his harsh tone and guardedness.
As a mother of three, I felt that academia was not kid-friendly place that created a sense of guardedness in me.
Jain monastic authors are highly preoccupied with the guardedness and modesty of nuns because the nuns' conduct makes a statement about the uprightness of the monks.
First, it appears that items involving emotional restriction and guardedness in relationships ("It would be shameful for a man to cry in front of his children," "Real men never let their guard down") had the highest correlation with poor adjustment.
Odysseus's caution in this exchange is justified: he cannot yet be certain that he is back in Ithaka, however much the prospect makes his heart pound, and yet there is something stubborn, or one might say, characteristic, in his guardedness.
But the dominant initial impact of the opening narrative is to discourage rather than stimulate guardedness.