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in a conservative manner

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Choudhry Nisar has also guardedly criticized the decision of Islamabad, while Maulana Fazlur Rehman , Imran Khan and JI Ameer Munawar Hassan have come out with hard hitting statements.
While it is a blow for [owner] Mrs Yeoman, I'm guardedly optimistic he may be able to race again.
Nigel Lickley, QC, told the court it was necessary for Tabak to be quizzed about the new matters - but spoke guardedly to avoid revealing full details.
I am guardedly positive with hopefully the good of British Speedway and its fans being uppermost in everyone's thoughts.
Instead, diplomats and officials in Brussels were guardedly optimistic that the deal could transform prospects for accommodation between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians in two separate Balkan states.
ArcelorMittal responded guardedly to the ruling, stressing that the infringements in question dated back quarter of a century.
He said that "Mr Downer himself hopes that generally the meetings will be significantly more useful, and he believes that both sides will also be able to put forward alternative proposals wherever they exist, which is why he remains guardedly optimistic.
WORLD championship leader Jenson Button is guardedly optimistic his recent dip in form will be set to rights at this weekend's European Grand Prix in Valencia.
The weak pound makes our meat exports more attractive and we are guardedly optimistic about prospects for agriculture during 2009"
The outlook for future factory activity remained guardedly optimistic.
Compelling in its blunt eloquence, guardedly optimistic even at its angriest and most disappointed, Baldwin's 1962 reflections on the state of the black man in America is one of the most important works to have arisen from the heart of the Civil Rights Movement.
He is guardedly optimistic about efforts to deal with this threat.
INDIANA CPAs ARE guardedly optimistic with respect to the business climate in the U.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke expressed a guardedly optimistic view on the U.
In fact, the bishops guardedly endorsed the morality of nuclear deterrence, while the socialism of the letter on "Economic Justice for All" consisted in the shocking claim that economic systems must be judged by how they provide for the poor.