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coarse hairs that form the outer fur and protect the underfur of certain mammals

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ijkl] is an observation of the dependent variable (cashmere fibre diameter, combed cashmere weight, cashmere fibre and guard hair length); [mu] is the population mean for the variable; [G.
For instance, Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes may lose their guard hairs, and their undercoat hairs may turn a rusty, reddish-brown color.
We used 10 guard hairs for extraction when possible to reduce the probability of genotyping errors (Gossens et al.
In the fall, their short, light coats shed as they grow a thick, warm undercoat and long, weather-resistant guard hairs to prepare them for winter.
Both hackles and the porcupine guard hair are handled easily with this tool.
The guard hairs for morphological analysis were taken from the shoulder blades dorsally and prepared according to Hayat (1972).
The main ingredient in a porcupine roach (aside from time and patience) is porcupine guard hair.
We classified hair samples as: 0 = less than 1 guard hair; 1 = [greater than or equal to] 1 and < 2 guard hairs; 2 = [greater than or equal to] 2 and < 3 guard hairs; and 3 = [greater than or equal to] 3 guard hairs.
In most cases, specific identification can only be accomplished with guard hair specimens.
His porcupine roach is also very unique having two lengths of porcupine hair in the front which provides thickness and support of the longer front hair as well as providing a unique double halo effect with the gold tips of the porcupine guard hair occurring in two bands in the roach.
Initially scat contents were manually identified on the basis of guard hair characteristics such as medullary pattern, hair width and medulla width by comparing it with reference key.
Wool samples were analyzed for staple length, fiber diameter, medulation, pure fiber and guard hair using Ermascope (Erma India, Chandigarh).
Light wool or pack style animals (sometimes called classic or ccara) are double coated, with guard hair and a softer undercoat.
The cashmere fibre diameter and guard hair and body weight were not influenced (p>0.