guard hair

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coarse hairs that form the outer fur and protect the underfur of certain mammals

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ijkl] is an observation of the dependent variable (cashmere fibre diameter, combed cashmere weight, cashmere fibre and guard hair length); [mu] is the population mean for the variable; [G.
We used 10 guard hairs for extraction when possible to reduce the probability of genotyping errors (Gossens et al.
The hair of California mammals with keys to the dorsal guard hairs of California mammals.
The main ingredient in a porcupine roach (aside from time and patience) is porcupine guard hair.
Wool quality attributes (Table 3) revealed non-significant differences for staple length, fiber diameter, medulation percent, pure fiber and guard hair during different seasons.
The relaxed lengths of undyed cashmere fibre and guard hair were recorded monthly.
This type of fiber should be raked off of the goat (not clipped) to separate the soft undercoat from the guard hairs.
Preserved in the fossil is a clear halo of guard hairs and underfur residue, making Megaconus only the second known pre-mammalian fossil with fur.
Gabe wasn't even wet under her guard hairs, but I certainly was.
The guard hairs trap the sun's heat and allow its rays to reach the polar bear's black skin.
wirehairs will do just fine, and the guard hairs will grow back in time.
Note that his guard hairs match the shade between two cedars perfectly.
The long guard hairs and grey/white whiskers gave it away for me, as did the nose which is covered in hair," wrote Jeff Jones of Eugene.
On average, a whitetail's winter coat has about 2,500 coarse, hollow guard hairs to the square inch.
the fly lays eggs directly on the guard hairs of the caribou (2,3).