guard dog

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a dog trained to guard property

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Electric Guard Dog CEO Jack DeMao commented, "I'd like to thank Laura Stepanek, Karyn Hodgson and all the staff at SDM for recognizing the work of our highly committed team here at Electric Guard Dog.
The first two Guard Dog rounds were contained in the third target, while the third Guard Dog round penetrated the third target and hit but did not penetrate the fourth target.
YE-ksel Kuanc, a 41-year-old man, was seen in the now-public footage shooting a guard dog five times at a construction area on Kyyyk Street, causing the dog die.
Only a handful of programs attain platinum status at Affiliate Guard Dog, and we believe our inclusion is testament to the strength of our work," Lloyd Apter, affiliate director at Affiliate Cruise, said.
I think that must been in my mother's mind when she heard that the US Army wanted guard dogs," Mrs Veronica Hey - who was 12 at the time - recalled in 2002.
Ayoub Msago, RCP's Community Liaison Officer has spent two weeks at CCF in Namibia to learn about the Livestock Guard Dog programme.
It's been almost 6 years since we opened our doors, and having this type of national recognition of our dedication and hard word is truly a momentous honor we share with our clients who have entrusted their brands to us," said Maria Casini, co-founder and chief of strategic brand design of Guard Dog.
Editors were also impressed with the anti-virus protection found in Internet Guard Dog software, noting that the product features an easier update process than SOS Best Defense.
To this point we feel Guard Dog has developed the best products in the industry to help consumers protect and detect fraud related to identity theft.
Guard Dog also teamed with Winvale, an established provider for government contracts, making its services available to government agencies.
Guard Dog for Palm continuously monitors the device, searching for specific actions and immediately notifying the user of any strange or malicious behavior including:
McAfee Retail Software, a division of Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA), announced it will be donating its popular Internet Guard Dog Pro software to the Brave Kids Organization, a web resource center for seriously ill children.
Nasdaq: NETA), today announced that its critically acclaimed encryption and privacy product, PGP Security Suite, along with its Internet privacy product, Guard Dog, have a stronghold on nearly 70 percent of the desktop security market.
We are very honored to have our work included in this very prestigious logo design series," said Maria Casini, co-founder of Guard Dog Brand Development, a boutique company for corporate, science, and product brand identity development.
Guard Dog for Palms, monitors the transfer of data and protects passwords, files, and memory from virus attacks.