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Synonyms for stoma

a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass

a mouth or mouthlike opening (especially one created by surgery on the surface of the body to create an opening to an internal organ)

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3073 LGC = Length of guard cells WGC = Width of guard cell *** = extremely significant ** = Very significant * = Significant t' value at 18 d.
2A, 2B) or may remain the same width as the rest of the guard cell (Fig.
ABA is synthesized following turgor deficiency and stimulates NO synthesis in stomata guard cells.
The proton pump of guard cells was reported in the Nov.
Hence, the chloroplast numbers of mature guard cells may, to some degree, be representative of meristematic [G.
Stomata abaxial occur at the same level of the other epidermal cells; guard cells with periclinal thickened cell walls.
Ozone exposure reduced potassium ion flow into guard cells without affecting outward flow, which indicated that ozone inhibits pore openings.
The guard cells of the mutant plant were hypersensitive to the ABA hormone and therefore showed an enhanced ability for ABA to close the stomatal pores in leaves," said Schroeder.
The NQO1 enzyme has previously been shown to guard cells against oxidative stress.
Stomata are lip-shaped pores surrounded by a pair of guard cells that control the size of the opening.
Several types of cells in plant leaves contain carbonic anhydrases, including those responsible for photosynthesis, but Schroeder's team showed that the enzymes work directly within a pair of cells, called guard cells, that control the opening of each breathing pore.
Stomata slightly sunken; short terminal cells overarching guard cells.
Stomata superficial, arranged in rows at intercostal regions; short terminal cells overarching guard cells.
The guard cells of Ceratozamia mexicana is about 50% larger than
The stomata are each flanked by two guard cells, which control these vitally important portals to the leaf.