guard's van

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the car on a train that is occupied by the guard

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Where I think they got their plans wrong is that they hadn't counted on there being so few passengers on the train and they didn't expect us back in the guard's van so soon.
At Abergynolwyn the guard's van was moved to the rear of the train.
Kuryu's pursuit of the truth takes him and Amamiya to Busan, South Korea, to track down the guard's van, which has mysteriously gone missing.
He eventually stopped shouting and swearing at me so I went into the guard's van and made a message on the Tannoy apologising to everyone on the train for the disturbance.
Barry's pictures include one taken from the driver's footplate of an LMS Loco and another from the guard's van at the end of another train.
Most people know there is one place for a wheelchair on trains - in the guard's van.
My mother worked at Highley railway station as a booking clerk during the war and I was often put in the guard's van on the train and sent to Arley.
A WHEELCHAIR--BOUND MP hit out yesterday after having to travel in a train guard's van.
The trains reserve one carriage, by the guard's van, for the tiffin-wallahs and their wares.
My clips, competently enough written, spoke another language--engines, lines, points and guard's van for locomotive, tracks, switches and caboose.
The one that finally got them there was so full that passengers, some with pounds 146 first-class tickets, had to travel in the guard's van.
We begged him to take us in the guard's van as far as Nunthorpe station and allow us off on the platform there.
They would have been put in a guard's van labelled for delivery to a butchers.
I used to travel up and down to Newcastle from North Shields on the guard's van at the back of the train about 50 years ago.
The next thing I knew, he came into the guard's van and hit me over the head while I had my back to him.