guard's van

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the car on a train that is occupied by the guard

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Dave Berry from Manchester was also horrified at the conditions when he and his nine-year-old son Andrew had to travel in the guard's van on a journey between Gatwick and Victoria.
We suggest he sits in a wheelchair in the guard's van for the journey to see if he would be happy paying full fare to do so.
In a wheelchair because of a damaged spine, Daisy, 79, had to travel in the dark, dank, guard's van.
Most people know there is one place for a wheelchair on trains - in the guard's van.
Not helping Rusty's cause is the guard's van, CB, who would rather sabotage Rusty top ave the way for the future in the form of Electra and Grease ball.
If you had a large suitcase it went into the luggage or guard's van at the rear of the train to prevent 'clutter'.
A short train formed of locomotive No2 Dolgoch, one carriage and a guard's van ran to the 1950 timetable.
There will also be short guard's van rides in Toad, the brake-van, pulled by Thomas.
He eventually stopped shouting and swearing at me so I went into the guard's van and made a message on the Tannoy apologising to everyone on the train for the disturbance.
My mother worked at Highley railway station as a booking clerk during the war and I was often put in the guard's van on the train and sent to Arley.
The one that finally got them there was so full that passengers, some with pounds 146 first-class tickets, had to travel in the guard's van.
We begged him to take us in the guard's van as far as Nunthorpe station and allow us off on the platform there.
They would have been put in a guard's van labelled for delivery to a butchers.
I used to travel up and down to Newcastle from North Shields on the guard's van at the back of the train about 50 years ago.
When we got to the Waterfront Station we found Aladdin hiding in the guard's van.