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Synonyms for guaranty

something given to guarantee the repayment of a loan or the fulfillment of an obligation

an assumption of responsibility, as one given by a manufacturer, for the quality, worth, or durability of a product

a declaration that one will or will not do a certain thing

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

to assume responsibility for the quality, worth, or durability of

Synonyms for guaranty

a collateral agreement to answer for the debt of another in case that person defaults


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What guarantee have I that you would not take my money and then do as you pleased with me and mine regardless of your promise?
I guarantee to name the person, or the persons, on whom the suspicion really rests.
If, for example, two propositions p and q were self-evident, and it were also self-evident that p and q could not both be true, that would condemn self-evidence as a guarantee of truth.
As an initial guarantee, therefore, neither self-evidence nor subjective certainty can be accepted as adequate.
The relic of barbarism, the primitive commune with each guarantee for all, will disappear of itself; serfdom has been abolished--there remains nothing but free labor, and its fomms are fixed and ready made, and must be adopted.
I had long since learnt to understand, composedly and as a matter of course, that my situation in life was considered a guarantee against any of my female pupils feeling more than the most ordinary interest in me, and that I was admitted among beautiful and captivating women much as a harmless domestic animal is admitted among them.
A person who can't pay, gets another person who can't pay, to guarantee that he can pay.
7701(1) apply not only to back-to-back arrangements, but also to other financing transactions, such as multiple-party transactions involving debt guarantees or equity investments.
BOSTON -- Pioneer Investments today announced that a new feature will be offered through Pioneer's AnnuiStar Variable Annuities that guarantees principal and a lifetime of income for individuals and, if selected, their spouses.
Real Risk Exposure--Based on the survey data available, it is evident that the various benefit types and guarantee designs perform differently in the real world, and that market conditions are a major driver of the relative value of guarantees from a policyholder's perspective.
Today, more than 85 percent of all variable annuity contracts sold offer one or more living benefit guarantees.
The new GMAB option guarantees that, on the 10 year contract anniversary, the contract's account value will be greater than or equal to the Guaranteed Accumulation Amount, which is 110% to 130% of the initial purchase payments made within 120 days of the contract issue, less withdrawals on a proportionate basis and withdrawal charges.
Superior") (OTCBB:SPGR) announced today that it will immediately begin to offer auction price guarantees to its consignors.
The program's limited profitability relative to outstanding guarantees is due, in part, to its highly leveraged capital base;