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Ferguson personally, and guaranteed the intrepidity of his dauntless friend.
He saw himself going on with that life, first to the right, second on the left, madam, indefinitely; and having to be thankful if he was not sent away: the men who had gone to the war would be coming home soon, the firm had guaranteed to take them back, and this must mean that others would be sacked; he would have to stir himself even to keep the wretched post he had.
Fred secretly felt that his future was guaranteed against the fulfilment of Mary's sarcastic prophecies, apart from that "anything" which he was ready to do if she would define it He never dared in Mary's presence to approach the subject of his expectations from Mr.
Physically, he guaranteed all that Daylight knew of him.
This Mechanism is guaranteed to work | | perfectly for a thousand years.
I am the man as is guaranteed, by unimpeachable references, to be a out-and-outer in morals and uprightness of principle.
The condition of guaranteed perfect respectability gave him moments of anxious thought.
Carlier, an ex-non-commissioned officer of cavalry in an army guaranteed from harm by several European Powers, was less impressed.
And the Professor had guaranteed more than fifteen minutes.
He also acquainted them with the precise amount of the income guaranteed by the Duke of Thigsberry to Violetta Stetta of the Italian Opera, which it appeared was payable quarterly, and not half-yearly, as the public had been given to understand, and which was EXclusive, and not INclusive (as had been monstrously stated,) of jewellery, perfumery, hair-powder for five footmen, and two daily changes of kid-gloves for a page.
Minnesota coach Mike Tice, in his best primordial grunt, guaranteed this week that his Vikings - in the midst of a three-game losing streak - will make the playoffs.
Among the federal programs that receive mandatory or guaranteed funding are food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid administration, and VA compensation and pensions.
Finally, although the company paid the fee at a time when there was another shareholder who had not guaranteed the debt and who did not receive any compensation, the guarantee was made by all of the shareholders who existed at the time the debt was incurred.
Guaranteed investment contractsGICs used to be regarded as long-term investments, and in New York we required the matching of assets and liabilities.
In fact, despite four years of allegations and criticism by the General Accounting Office (GAO), Iraq was eligible for the guaranteed loans until it rolled into Kuwait.