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Here are some answers to questions about guaranteed funding for veterans health care:
Certainly, we need a national approach to guaranteed funds.
How could such double-dealing happen with publicly guaranteed funds?
In that case, the taxpayers were officers and stockholders in a manufacturing corporation and trod guaranteed certain of the company's debt.
Prices for products with level premiums have risen progressively through the guaranteed periods.
Evander Holyfield guaranteed a third-round knockout the first time he fought Lennox Lewis.
The children's father personally guaranteed the loans, receiving nothing in return.
The Estate Protection UL product is a flexible premium, fixed-interest guaranteed survivorship universal life policy that covers both spouses up to age 121.
412(i) plans are defined benefit pension plans guaranteed exclusively with annuity contracts and life insurance.
Each fund has a "market value" that fluctuates with performance as the participant builds an "income base" that provides the foundation for a guaranteed lifetime paycheck.
The Service ruled that the parent was making a gift to the child when he guaranteed the child's loan.
NEW YORK -- Fitch rates Farmer Mac Guaranteed Notes Trust 2006-2 (Farmer Mac 2006-2) U.
The taxpayer, however, had also guaranteed debt of the "partnership," which he was later called on to pay.
Prudential Retirement has introduced an innovative new series of investment options for retirement plan sponsors and participants called Capital Guarantee Funds(SM), which provide participants with a guaranteed protection of principal, growth potential through the equity markets and a guarantee of receiving investment gains despite any subsequent drops in market values.
The partnership agreement has a written provision that Michael is to receive a guaranteed payment for three years for the use of his capital.