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the basic unit of money in Paraguay

a member of the South American people living in Paraguay and Bolivia

the language spoken by the Guarani of Paraguay and Bolivia

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The mixture of youth and experience in Junior's squad works well and they should fancy their chances against Guarani, who have shipped eight goals in suffering three consecutive road defeats.
Eu la segunda parte de este mismo capitulo, la autora analiza los tiempos verbales del espanol, el quechua y el guarani.
Apresentamos e discutimos tambem alguns estudos atuais referentes a infancia indigena e experiencias registradas por meio de acoes desenvolvidas junto aos Kaingang, Guarani e Xeta no Estado do Parana no periodo de 2012 a 2014, por meio do Observatorio da Educacao Escolar Indigena, com o objetivo de pensar as tradicoes, as dinamicas e a revitalizacao cultural empreendidas por esses povos na manutencao de suas formas de entender e viver no mundo, na contemporaneidade.
1] with per unit increase in irrigation water salinity for the cultivars LA Guarani, BRS Gabriela, IAC 028 and BRS Energia, respectively (Figura 4A, B, C e D).
The flowering of Tupy Guarani and Xavante cultivars, which have lower chilling requirements compared with Cherokee cultivar, may be related to the onset of rains in September, as in August and in both production cycles, there was a period of water deficiency (Figure 2).
So, this article intends to analyze how the international scenario has prompted groundwater cooperation in South America and how it contributed to the Guarani Aquifer case.
The agreement on Guarani assets foresaw a gradual increase in the Brazilian oil company's stake, depending on some investments.
Under this background the project aims to generate additional financial resources for the families of the TCO Guarani, from the collection, processing and marketing of resins and Cebil Quina.
De acordo com estudos de Boaretto (5), ao realizar pesquisas em Terras Indigenas paranaenses, foram mapeadas 30 terras (terras demarcadas e nao demarcadas), sendo 17 pertencentes a etnia Guarani, 8 a Kaingang, 2 as etnias Guarani e Kaingang, 2 com as etnias Guarani, Kaingang e Xeta e 1 terra desabitada.
AGUARAGUE NATIONAL PARK, Bolivia -- In the vine-entangled forests of the Aguarague National Park, crude that seeped for decades out of abandoned wellheads saturates the soil and has stained the bedrock of creeks that provide water to the indigenous Guarani who live nearby.
Chesterton makes a stimulating and convincing case that, in addition to fighting for land and natural resources, the rural Paraguayan Guarani speaker who served as a soldier in the Chaco War was also struggling "to the redeem the honor of the nation--and Solano Lopez--after the insulting defeat of the War of the Triple Alliance, while simultaneously proclaiming his proud Guarani-speaking heritage" (p.
The sound came from a video installation shot entirely in the dark, making it a work to hear rather than see: Aprender a rezar Guarani e Kaiowci para o mundo nao acabar (Learn to Pray Guarani and Kaiowa So the World Doesn't End), 2013.
Y unido a esa diversidad etnica y cultural, esta tambien la diversidad linguistica: esta obra esta dialogada en jopara, la mezcla de espanol y guarani que se habla a diario en Asuncion y otras partes del pais.