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drought-tolerant herb grown for forage and for its seed which yield a gum used as a thickening agent or sizing material

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General guar gum description, composition, information on ingredients, hazards identification, handling and storage, toxicological and ecological information, and transport information
com)-- The guar gum market has experienced unprecedented demand during the last 24 months.
Prices of guar gum June contract fell Rs 3,090 to Rs 25,060 per quintal between May 30 and May 14.
Derivatised guar, a polymer produced from a bean grown mainly in India, has natural properties which make it an ideal bio-based solution for applications in the oil and gas industry as a gelling agent, Solvay said.
The company manufactures Guar Gum Splits and Guar Meal (Korma/Churi) that reach directly to the end users.
Temporary suspension: The National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange suspended outstanding positions in guar gum and seed contracts from 27 March2012, the bourse said in a circular, amid mounting suspicion of foul play after a more than ten-fold rise in futures in a year.
The formulations with guar gum and carrageenan exhibited some moisture content.
Lucid in addition plans to establish two guar splits facilities in Bikaner and Meglasiya in Rajasthan besides setting up its R&D centre at Mokheri, in Rajasthan.
India and Pakistan are the leading producers of guar seeds and gum which are used for the production of guar gum.
Rhodia supplies a large range of performance chemicals for oil drilling, stimulations, cementing, and production fluids drawing on a large range of technologies that includes guar biopolymers (Jaguar(R)), synthetic polymers, surfactants, silicones, phosphorus derivatives (Aquarite(R)) and biocides (Tolcide(R)).
Products made with EMCEbest WA Pure also have up to four percent more volume than with guar gum powder.
Those who invested in guar seed and guar gum in April 2011 are among the few to have tasted such success.
With this investment, Lucid will be able to source guar from about 40,000 additional farmers a year in the priority state of Rajasthan.
Guar gum performs various functions, such as thickening, gelling, coating, and stabilizing in food products.