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drought-tolerant herb grown for forage and for its seed which yield a gum used as a thickening agent or sizing material

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After failing to resolve the issues even with the intervention of SEC, Guar approached IST seeking eight declarative remedies including an order that he was entitled to know the whereabouts of his share certificates; that the certificates be returned to him and that the withholding of dividends accrued from his 50,000 units of shares till date was illegal.
Announcing the launch, Shri Samir Shah, MD & CEO, NCDEX said, We are thankful to SEBI for giving us the go-ahead for introducing Options on guar seed futures, which will help the farmers in better price realization and risk mitigation.
The agri-commodity options in guar seed is a unique first-of-its-kind hedging tool which will prove to be a game changer for farmers.
2% of Guar gum reduces 43% of the absorbed oil content compared to the control samples, while the reduction for CMC and Xanthan gum was 31% and 23.
With the advent of horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracking, the primary frackers like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes and Calfrac Well Services gradually started buying up guar gum like there was no tomorrow.
To maintain a competitive edge in the guar gum market, key players focus on the expansion of their production capacity.
Finally finished guar gum powder is white to creamy colored and is nearly odorless.
Guar Gum: Futures trading in guar gum and guar seed resumed in May 2013.
One binder that's commonly used for hydromulch is guar gum, an off-white powder made by grinding beans of the guar plant.
Its REBITDA plunged by 52% to EUR 77 million due to theA reduction ofA unsustainable guar peak prices in 2012 and the temporary decline inA guar margins.
In March 2012, guar seed had touched ` 29,900 a quintal while guar gum tested ` 100,000 a quintal.
Guar is a drought resistant Kharif (summer) grain legume.
Guar is like a cash crop and its gum has vast opportunities to be exported.