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Ahora bien, con una produccion carnica fundamentalmente orientada al autoconsumo y una produccion de guano que permite ingresos monetarios, ?
Vertical limestone cliffs in the shoreline, sometimes 30 to 60 feet high as in Punta Guanos and Punta Guana,l yield to the emeraldblue coastal waters of the Straits of Florida, with coral reefs, underwater marine terraces and the submarine channel of the Rio Bacunayagua.
Keywords: DNA, guano, Indiana bat, microsatellites, Myotis sodalis, roosts
Because the protection extends to waters two miles out from the islands, the move should help preserve at least some of the anchovy population for the birds, which should in turn help stabilize the bird population and guano production.
Twenty two rocky islands along Peru's coast have so many birds--and so much bird poop--that they are called the guano islands.
It should be emphasised that guano was considered as a strategic mineral wealth in the 19th century.
The light has the glisten of guano, I've heard, in caves,
Later, I discovered cosmic inspiration in seagull guano right at my feet.
While a book about dung may not be everybody's cup of tea, this represents a treasure trove of unusual biological detail that's packed with various details about droppings, from a dung identification guide that covers guano, frass, and scat to discussions of dung feeders, dung communities, and conflicts among dung harvesters.
Four fungal (Candida, Fusarium, Penicillium and Saccharomyces) and two bacterial genera (Klebsiella and Nocardia) were isolated from bolus only, three fungal (Cryptococcus, Histoplasma and Trichophoton) and six bacterial (Acaligenes, Azotobacter, Bartonella, Nitrsomonas, Pseudomonas and Salmonella) genera were isolated from guano while five fungal (Alternaria, Aspergillus, Chrysosporium, Exophilaand Scopulariopsis) and four bacterial (Bacillus, Corynebacterium, Listeria and Streptomycete) genera were common in bolus and guano samples.
Su hermano Aureliano, El Guano, inicio una pugna por el control de territorios con Damaso Lopez Nunez, El Licenciado, uno de los operadores mas cercanos al Chapo que incluso orquesto su fuga del penal de Puente Grande, Jalisco, en enero de 2001.
Cuentan que en Pisagua al principio fue el mar que cubrio todo y obligo a rehacerse una y otra vez; pero luego fue la arena que cubrio los rieles, el ferrocarril, el teatro, las bodegas del guano y el salitre; anos mas tarde nuevamente el mar y la arena, que tragaron los cuerpos de fusilados y torturados.
A study by researchers from Colorado State University links ammonia emissions from guano - collective excrement from seabird colonies - from the Arctic in the summer and newly formed aerosol particles in the atmosphere that can "influence Arctic cloud properties and their effects on climate.
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