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Ten of 14 bats sampled for guano in May were pregnant (71%); 4 were nonreproductive or were too early in pregnancy to accurately diagnose.
Weird insects and parasites crawl up researchers' legs from the 33-yard-deep layer of guano.
Blais specializes in gauging the influence of environmental contaminants on the metabolism of various species, using evidence such as bat excrement, or guano.
Regarding "Health Board and state clash over chicken inspections'' (Telegram & Gazette, April 2), kudos to reporter Debbie LaPlaca for wading into the guano.
Four bat guano samples were collected from known roost sites on the remote offshore island of Whenua hou (Codfish Island) (46[degrees]47'S, 167[degrees]38'E), which is situated at the southern coast of New Zealand.
Had a scrap of guano been spotted the first time it's possible scaffolding would not be going up like gallows around the site today.
At about the same time, another California supplier was implicated in fraud charges, amounting to over $40 million, arising from using cheaper inorganic compounds as substitute nitrogen sources in organic fertilizer made of fish meal and bird guano.
When I was a kid I would shin up that ladder to collect the guano," Ali says, pointing out a line of what are little more than ridges cut in the rock and terminating at a broken door, "With my mother standing at the bottom fretting and complaining to my father.
On the return journey she carried whale oil and guano.
People hunt them for food, catch them for the pet trade, and damage their nesting grounds by harvesting guano (droppings) for fertilizer.
The Peruvian economy entered into a period of expansion in the late 1840s, largely due to a boom in guano production.
From 1879 to 1883 it waged a bloody war against Bolivia and Peru, known as the Guerra del Pacifico (War of the Pacific) or the Guerra del Guano y Salitre (Guano and Saltpeter War), which shows clearly the interests at play behind the war.
Each spring, workers will open a door set into a wall of the artificial cave, remove the guano, and pressure-wash the walls and ceiling.
It's not just about guano being splashed across clean washing hanging on lines or guano splashed on cars and windows.
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